Friday, 17 March 2017

Year 5&6 Camp Recount 2017

“Man,What an experience I just had, last week, at …. Year 5&6..Camp!” “Oh hi there my name is Toby, and welcome to my experience about year 5&6 camp.” Hope You Enjoy!

As my greasy feet squashed between the slimy mud as the drops of the clouds above us had splattered along the bushy sand as the tide of the water had driven out.

While my rotation group and I huddled in a bundle, Mr Burt shouted,

“Alright do any of you people want to have a go at Kayaking?!”

I stretched my arm and pointed my finger in the air. As I climbed in the Kayak, foot first, I balanced my weight, pushed off to the surface of the water. Paddling hard, I turned to someone and suddenly, Crash! I had smashed into the other person’s Kayak and drifted out into the open, striking the swift water as I Paddled in, struggling to pull the weight, to pull me back in.

Half an hour later after paddling and keeping warm I pushed myself, drifting back to the slimy and wet sand dripping with water all over me, just as I got out, a group of people standing, boys and girls, wrapping themselves around each other to keep warm.

I went to join, we named ourselves the penguin huddle, and stayed cuddling each other to keep warm. As Mr Burt blew the siren whistling through the bushy trees, everyone stumbled to the dry sand at the top of the beach.
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My other highlight was… sleeping! Because I got to sleep for about 11 hours! late at night in the cold burning wind lay me and my buddy in a camping, mini tent. My friends name is Benjamin but me and my friends call him Ben, he’s also one of my good and great friends.

We sleep in the same tent, and talk a lot. Late that night after watching the movie, Storks, we came and rushed into our tents as the moon took the peaceful night and the sounds beneath the trees hushed to sleep.

As the sun rose bye I unzipped the tent and peeked outside, I could see, a large black speaker and loads of children I woke Ben and said “ Ben, get up” I said in a quiet voice “Ben,! Get up!” I now shouted “Yeah” he said “ we have to go to jump jam” “ok” he said tiredly and struggled to pull up and lift himself.
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We headed to jump jam singing the song “ i’m singin in the rain, just singin in the rain what a glorious feelin i’m, happy again!” we kept shouting not knowing the rest of the words but singing.

Once the music started playing everyone went dancing. Well we didn’t really do jump jam but instead even cooler… just dance! Everyone shouting and screaming through the swift air and loads of fun happening.

We went back to our tents and got ready for lunch!

Here’s some other cool photos below!

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Thanks for tuning with me and have fun!

Monday, 6 March 2017

Why i'm excited about year 5 & 6 camp

At our school we have a camp, a really cool one. we even use tents and camp at our own school!  On our big field. I am really looking forward to it! Why i’m excited about camp is that we get to have a camp consent, sleep in tents, play fun games outside and even go to the pools.

We normally have a meeting and practice our dances and fun things in the year 5 and 6 block, I have loads of fun just dancing while I listen to the music and watch the moves and just dance. Stay tuned because i’ll be letting you know more and more about our camp later in the week!
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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

WEET-BIX Tryathlon

Nervously walking along the itchy and wavy grass on our way to the WEET-BIX tryathlon with my Mum and my cousins, “how long do you think it would take?” I asked my cousin Jedida, also named my teammate or The Flying Fleas, that was our team name, “I don’t know” she said in a quiet voice. After chilling on the Woven mat, our cousins had asked me “Toby wanna come with us to get the prizes on the vouchers”, once I had finally lifted my weight and started to walk with my cousins to the first spot, to win something and what you would win is a hackey sack in one of the tents.

After travelling to other places just by showing your vouchers we had again sat on the mat where my mum sat and said “alright Toby time to get ready” she had already started to pack my gear for the transition into the run after my swim, after Jedida’s bike ride to the marist toilets and back to the pt england reserve where the WEET-BIX TRYATHLON was held right now and also where we are right now! She would have to put the bike down and tag my hand, then we would run together.

I really enjoyed the brekkie before everything started and also I liked hanging out with the cuzzies and playing with yo yo’s also playing piggy in the middle, I was mostly in the middle twisting turning trying to leap off the surface to at least grip the squishy inflatable ball, but sometimes I actually caught the ball well a few times I had caught the ball.

My favourite part of the tryathlon was the run because I also had more energy than her so I started to support her and protect her from the disaster that was happening around her, people were pushing, shoving and were especially bumping Jedida so I started to encourage her to move out of the crowd and she did, we started to slow down a little bit because she was very tired after the Bike ride.

We were almost there, as I ran I could see the beautiful sunshine, the sandy beach, the wavy grass, the handsome trees and finally the blue lit sky. I started to lose my control then, but I came back to focus “almost there Jedida, look” she turned her head and looked to where I was pointing then nodded in agreement, “almost there" I kept saying in my head, finally we had both crossed the finish line and got ourselves a Medal and more!

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Wanted Poster

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Untie the Human knot

As the cheers of laughter spread through the classroom, while the three groups of kids all 8,9 and 10 year olds stood in a circle to wrap, then untie themselves from each other. “AJ, put your feet through Jacob’s arms” I shouted to a friend of mine, my friend josh was having loads of fun twisting, turning falling to the ground.

“What kind of game is this?” I thought to myself while trying to untangle myself from all the disaster that was happening around me. My firm grasp was no match for Josh’s weight, a few seconds ago I couldn’t risk it, I had to let go. Once I let go I could see josh and myself laughing together then slap! He had hit the ground, both of us still laughing.

What I could hear and see was every student having a beaming joyful time, it was so cool to see how the students and teachers were happily getting along with each other.

People were shouting and screaming because of all the fantastic happiness around and inside the classroom, like a zap of lightning striking the classroom and providing laughter and fun while we still had the time to play the game.

I was trying to make sure everybody was listening to me so we could untangle ourselves and be free, but their was too much fun happening. A few minutes ago Miss West shouted ”alright everyone packing up and sitting on the mat” “yes Miss West!” everyone shouted and had already sat on the mat before she knew it, to learn new things!

Photos Below!

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