Monday, 14 October 2019

Immersion Assembly Term 3 2019,

Walt: Use explanation writing

Do you know what an Immersion Assembly is? Have you ever been to one? Would you like me to tell you?

Monday morning was very tiring but all the school were soon woken by the amazing items that each team pulled off - We have teams in our school, Team 1 = year 1 & 2, Team 2 = 3 & 4 so know you get the point. We have 5 teams altogether and each team presented an item to the entire school through sing dance act whatever really. Our theme for this term is Life’s A Stage, it summarises a whole heap of things like dancing, acting, drama and much more.

I’m going to explain just one item from the assembly. I’m going to choose Team 4’s. Team 4 had an amazing item. They interviewed the characters from our school production last term, Toy Shop. They interviewed 4 characters, Woody from the movie Toy Story, Optimus Prime from the Transformers series, The Toy shop Shopkeeper, and Teddy bear also from Toy Shop production, and of course Bo Peep from Toy Story questioned them.
Bo Peep interviewed Woody, first she asked him a few questions before a song suddenly came on and the cast all danced to this song... The Git Up. Once they were finished Bo Peep moved on to questioned Teddy she went on and on until another song came on and you guessed it, it was the… Teddy Bear Picnic. On and on they went until the music stopped. Bo Peep questioned Optimus and sped through the interview but once the talking was done the song No Effect came on. The teachers danced and danced. Finally the song was complete and the teachers sat down once again. Lastly but not least the Shopkeeper was questioned. She was answering questions fast and Bo Peep had nearly run out of questions, she was handling this well, she thought. Just to finish it off they played finale song Zip Zap Avenue written and sung by Mr Jacobsen and used in the Toy Shop Production.

We all cheered and laughed, some people even started singing along then everyone joined in… zip zip zip zap avenue the magical toy shop… we all applauded and the actors bowed and hurried off the stage to resume their original seats and join in on the fun with the rest of the teams.

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Amazing Algebra

Walt: Display a pattern on a graph

Task Description:
This week we had to complete multiple problems including patterns and algebra. I found it easy!

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

My Cell Drawing

Walt: Draw an image of a cell

Task Description:
This term we had to draw an image of a cell and draw all the parts. I found it easy!

Monday, 23 September 2019

To Spray Or Not To Spray

Walt: Make connections between different texts

Task Description:
This week we had to debate on whether using Pesticides or not. I found it easy!

Friday, 20 September 2019

Persuasive Writing

Walt: Use persuasive language

Task Description:
This week we had to write based on a topic to persuade our readers. I found it easy.

Amazing Algebra

Walt: Display a pattern on a graph

Task Description:
This week we had to find patterns and find the rule for them, we even had to make a graph explaining one of our patterns. I found it hard, especially to make the graph.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Perfect Patterns

Walt: Identify the rule for a pattern

Task Description:
This week we had another recap but with much more challenging work. We encountered angles, graphs, patterns and coordinates. Even though it looked like hard work, I have magically improved heaps without knowing, so I zipped through the work and completed it!