Friday, 30 January 2015

The amazing story of Kelly Tarltons

When I woke up, there was an adventure ahead of us today to Kelly Tarlton's sea life. If you don't know what Kelly Tarlton's is... It's a place where heaps of sea life and fish are. It is underground. Kelly Tarlton's is a place but a name of a man, because Kelly is the one who came up with the ideas. That's why his name is up as the title.

What's happening at Kelly Tarltons today is that my brothers are going snorkelling in the shark cage. Aunty Sammy gave us tickets from Christmas so the older boys can go in the shark cage

I wasn't in the shark cage because I wasn't tall enough. You have be 1.3 metres tall to go.
I played this saw shark game with Levi and we looked around at heaps of places and took photos.
The big wiggly stingrays were my favourite because they can sting you. They looked like an eel slithering in the water!

I saw my Mum, Noah and Jordan snorkelling in the freezing cold water, holding a GoPro and also taking videos.

Next time when I'm old enough, I would want to go in the shark cage.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The amazing story of Festival One

Festival One is a Christian place where bands play music. My favourite bands are Late 80s Mercedes and Newworldson.

When we were setting up I was washing my Jandals and cleaning my feet with a drink bootle. Also I had another drink with the same drink bottle when I was having my good slushy drink. I heard a growling noise and it was my father, Anthony, I thought that he was calling someone else but instead he was calling me and he said "we've got to move the tent". anyhoo, after working we went to a place called the villege there were places where you can buy stuff. we had our coisuns with us so where we were oh yea but when we came back we had all these lolies in our hands.

Our campsite at Festival One


Last year on an exciting trip we went to Kaiteriteri. We were staying at Kaiteri for two weeks. We were also staying to tramp it took us a long time. Then we went on a boat. It was cold. We travled there from day to night. It also took us two days and 3 hours to get there. Anyhoo, in the morning we had to drive again but as soon as posible we saw a sign and the sign said Kaiteri so when we found our spot to setup.

Here are some pictures that I drew:

At the table with all our friends eating dinner underneath the big blue tent

One of the big green tents at Kaiteriteri