Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Untie the Human knot

As the cheers of laughter spread through the classroom, while the three groups of kids all 8, 9 and 10 year olds stood in a circle to wrap, then untie themselves from each other. “AJ, put your feet through Jacob’s arms” I shouted to a friend of mine, my friend josh was having loads of fun twisting, turning falling to the ground.

“What kind of game is this?” I thought to myself while trying to untangle myself from all the disaster that was happening around me. My firm grasp was no match for Josh’s weight, a few seconds ago I couldn’t risk it, I had to let go. Once I let go I could see josh and myself laughing together then slap! He had hit the ground, both of us still laughing.
What I could hear and see was every student having a beaming joyful time, it was so cool to see how the students and teachers were happily getting along with each other.

People were shouting and screaming because of all the fantastic happiness around and inside the classroom, like a zap of lightning striking the classroom and providing laughter and fun while we still had the time to play the game.

I was trying to make sure everybody was listening to me so we could untangle ourselves and be free, but their was too much fun happening. A few minutes ago Miss West shouted ”alright everyone packing up and sitting on the mat” “yes Miss West!” everyone shouted and had already sat on the mat before she knew it, to learn new things!

Photos Below!

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  1. Wow Toby! What an amazing, descriptive recount of the experience of the 'human knot' challenge we did as a class yesterday! You have created such a positive, energetic mood to your writing by using interesting vocabulary and forming sentences in different ways. Keep up the amazing effort, Toby!

    Miss West

  2. Amazing writing Toby! Very impressed with your ability to elaborate on our ideas with a whole bunch of relevant details - excellent detail. Very impressive and I can't wait to keep visiting your blog to read more.

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  4. Fantastic effort and execution with your writing!
    It sounds like a fun activity to try. Love Mum