Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Pick-A-Path Story: The Spawn Bag Of Life

Walt: Write A Pick A Path Story

Task Description:
This week we had to create a pick a path story about anything really! If you didn't know a pick a path story is a story where can decide what you want to happen! I found it easy!

Monday, 24 September 2018

Words Per Minute Data

Walt: Analyse Data And Display Data Using A Graph

Task Description:
This week we had to create a spreadsheet to record our answers on how fast we can type, we only had one minute to write as many words as possible! Here is my score... 14 (since I was the only one on paper) because I suck so much! I came second to last because I am so slow on paper and super speedy on my chromebook! I was so fustrated when we finished because my chromebook just arrived and I could've won, I was so gutted! We were recording our answers for a data task that we haven't really been working on!

Thinking About Games

Walt: We Had To Think About Games That Don't Include Actuall Devices

Task Description:

This week we had to think about games and tried to come up with ideas to add on to sports and create our own fun game that our entire year level can play! I found it easy!

Super Power Creative Writing

Walt: Write Effective Paragraphs Using Juicy & Exciting Words

My class and I have been thinking about what superpowers we want
to have. My superpower would be to speak parseltongue/snake
language and be able to create whatever I want, just by imagining it!
Have you ever thought of having your own superpower?

My superpower would be to speak parseltongue/snake language and
be able to create whatever I want, while i’m imagining whatever I
want I can see flashes in my head putting piece by piece together, e.g
I could create a 5 metre thick gold airplane that can actually fly.

The reason why I want to speak parseltongue is because if a snake
happens to seize me or trap me and I have nothing to do then I can
consult with them! When I use my superpowers I feel nothing
sometimes I don’t even know that i’m speaking parseltongue
sometimes but if I do it in public then some people get very afraid of
me and what i’m capable of!

I would use my superpowers only for myself  cause’ then I could have
everything but if something goes terrible like the end of the world or
something like that then I come and help out with the problem by
creating many things to stop it! I would use my superpowers to live a
happy and perfect life with anything I want!

I would think that my superpowers would be awesome because I
have always wanted many things in my life but couldn’t get them
because I wasn’t allowed or I couldn’t for it. The reason why I want
to speak parseltongue is because I have always been afraid of snakes
and since I can reason with one if one tries to attack me which would
definitely calm me down!

Task Description:
This week we had to imagine and think very hard on what superpowers we wanted to have! I found it easy!

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Poetry Poems

Walt: Structure A Poem

Task Description:
This week we had to present to the entire class our poems and what they were about, we were also trying to find very interesting and big words to fit into our poems! Check e'm out!

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Takeaway Shop Dollars

Walt: Use Subtraction Strategies to Solve Tricky Problems

Task Description:
This week we had to subtract numbers using shop dollars! I found it easy!

Creative Writing 2

Once upon a time there was a mystery that needed to be solved, throughout the war of Twinkle toes
the 3rd and King Port - a - Fart there was an accident that happened with the total masterminds of all
life… Turtles (They are actually seriously dumb) but anyway they were making a potion that would make
their enemies fart, but they couldn’t just give it by hand (there in the middle of the war) so they
transported the “fart thingy“ they called it by a secret sack/bag but they were running out of time, Twinkle
toes the 3rd was breaking through their lines and engaging closer and closer to the secret lab that is right
in the open of the war.
King Port - A - Fart
Twinkle toes The 3rd

The turtles send their secret weapon out to King Port - A - Fart’s Defense Squad, the turtles decided that it should be transported an old fashion way like in a carriage so that it doesn’t look suspicious to their enemies if their enemies overcome them, so the turtles did as they believed they sent out the “Fart Thingy” in a carriage with a donkey towing the carriage. After a while of waiting the troops on the line sent out a radio call asking when would the “Fart Thingy” be here, the turtles didn’t answer as they were taken captive by Twinkle toes the 3rd’s scouts! Twinkle toes the third walked inside their laboratory and heard the radio call again from the captain on the line protecting their country and Twinkle toes the 3rd had statement for the captain “i’m coming for you”, as soon as Twinkle toes the 3rd answered the captain knew exactly who that was… Twinkle Toes the 3rd!

After Twinkle toes the 3rd crushed King Port - A - Fart’s Defense Squad they set up camp just 200
kilometers away from King Port - A - Fart’s Kingdom and castle! They did lot’s of tests trying to figure
out what the Bag would hold inside but a scientist racoon named “clumsy” but they couldn’t fire him
since he makes a lot of mistakes and he’s the smartest person of all time, anyway while he was testing
it he accidentally spilt millions of animal wildlife and sizing potions all into the “Fart Thingy”. 6 minutes
later Twinkle toes the 3rd comes to see what progress his smart racoon scientists have made but is
disappointed to hear that Clumsy messed everything up, after hearing this story of animal wildlife potions
he renamed the Fart Thingy to… The Spawn Bag Of Life!

Image result for sackThe Spawn Bag Of Life

3 years later King Port - A - Fart is history while Twinkle toes the 3rd has crushed every inch of his
castle to the ground using rhinos, elephants and hippos in all sizes and tigers to find and take all the
people to Twinkle toes the 3rd as captives! Year after year he crushed his enemies but one day one of
the captives escaped and was holding the Bag of Life in his grasp but was suddenly frightened to hear
the guards around corner and accidentally tipped the bag on it’s side and spawned the most biggest and
fattest hippo of all time it was the size of Mt Wellington in New Zealand!

Mt Wellington
Image result for mt wellington
After the humongous hippo had spawned it had already crushed a 5th of Twinkle toes the 3rd’s army
which took a month since his army was so big, it squished person after person with all four feet! It took
a whole year to squish all of the army because some of the people were running away and Twinkle toes
the 3rd was indeed squashed by the giant hippo! And that is the end of this story!

Image result for hippoHippo

The End!

Monday, 17 September 2018

Takeaway Shop

Walt: Use Subtraction Strategies to Solve Tricky Problems

Task Description:
this week we had to subtract multiple numbers to get our answer! I found it easy!

Friday, 14 September 2018

Creative Writing

Once upon a time there was a suspicious middle aged boy who always wore glasses (he didn’t actually
wear glasses), it’s James Bond by the way but dumb, he could not find the right entrance to platform
nine and three quarters because an army and city of GOATS were circling and blocking the entrance to
platform 567354 thirds!! He thought he was on the right train but wasn’t sure, so he made a left turn.
Later on he needed to go toilet so he searched the train with his giant spectacles and tracker he was
following the tracker for hours until he finally noticed “i’m tracking myself!”.

Finally after sitting in his cabinet he saw out of the corner of his eye a sign that was
russian and said toilet, “Ya
joking!” he shouted and went inside but supply drops were coming and he definitely knew what he was
doing ‘nothing’ he had no idea where he was! He stood for a minute and wondered where the
bathroom wasbut there was no sign of
it, but no need to worry he found a bush but never knew what was inside “whew, oh that feels good” as
soon as the smell was unbearable for the bush camper he attacked by using his stink bombs to get full
and total revenge, for a moment there James thought he farted but he never ate beat beans or egg this
morning and turned around he was being attacked by farts “aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” he
screamed and noticed purple circle looking like a storm was circling him and his enemy!
Image result for fortnite bush camperImage result for fortnite storm
He finally realised what this was and where he was, his old nemesis… The Oasis, even though he got
it totally wrong he was sure and was looking for ‘H’ and ‘Parzival’ straight away, but never saw them in
sight. He just remembered about the bush camper with fart cans and was running forever until he
remembered the toilet door but never saw it, he turned around while running away, there was nothing
there either, he decided to climb a tree and saw it but on the other side of the island and realised that this
could not be The Oasis but finally got it right “this is FORTNITE, man i’m always dumb”! It took him a
long time to travel using rifts even though there probably the best transportation getaway thingy, after a
while he finally got there and opened the door and was back on his train to hogwarts!
Image result for train to hogwarts

The End!

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Snowboarding Animation - How Snowboarding Affects & Helps Your Body

Walt: Create An Animation Showing How A Sport Affects Your Body

Task Description:
This term since our theme is 'Move Ya Body' which is a fitness and healthy eating inquiry, I have created an animation about how snowboarding affects and helps your body!

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Inquiry Research Term 3 2018

Walt: Gather As Much Research As You Can

Task Description:
This week we had to search online for research about our topic that we were given, my topic was how the effects of healthy food and unhealthy food effect an athletes body! I found it easy!

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Writing Descriptively

Walt: Write Descriptively

Task Description:
This week we had to describe characters using words! I found it easy!