Monday, 29 April 2019

Fairy Tale Introduction - Goldilocks & The Three Bears

Different Introductions to begin a story:
It was a late morning
I awoke once the sun touched my eyes
I yawned as I got out of my bed duvets

It was late morning when the two bears awoke from their deep sleep through the cold night.
They both shivered to drain out the coldness from their body’s and rubbed their fur to flood
their bodies with warmness once again.
As soon as they all stumbled down the stairs, they could smell a light scent that smells
delicious, but then it disappeared in the morning air, they searched for it again, they didn’t
find it, but once the smell came past them again like a current that’s drifts things out to sea.
They were sure of where it was coming from… downstairs!
They both rushed down the stairs and followed the scent to the kitchen where Mama bear
was cooking her delicious porridge recipe and an immense grin appeared on their faces!

Immersion Assembly Term 2 2019

On a late morning we began our first day of school for Term 2. To be honest as usual,
everyone was bored and tired and each of us dearly missed the holidays and the sleep-in
and well, being free from the pressure and tension that school can bring when you are
caught up with a bunch of work! From now on till 9 weeks is past we will be following
the new and improved overall korero of the term… “I Like Your Latitude” and “Where In
The Longitude Are You?”.

Today’s day also brought along the long and kinda cool Immersion Assembly when our
teachers provide us with a video or a live short performance or even just a talk that explains
to us what each team is learning while the term lasts. I’m in Team 5, the cool team.
Obviously I mostly interacted with Team 5’s performance with how smart their storyline
was and how funny it was and how they actually used basic “longitude” and “latitude”.

To be honest I didn’t interact well with Team 1’s performance. As always they made a
movie like always and tried to make it funny by making their voices high-pitched which
people did giggle when the time came, well even I did! Their main goal was to create a
movie about how bees are dying and what is causing this disruption to the earth. I’ve got
to say they didn’t really base it on the main topic (“Longitude” and ”Latitude”) because
they didn’t really use coordination and other things that relate to that!

Team 2 didn’t really perform. What actually happened was the teachers just set up an
easter egg hunt by hiding several eggs everywhere and instructing the kids with a learning
lesson and continuously repeating actions that went in an order like this (Up, down, left,
right, under, over, all around). I was surprised to see that this tactic worked as they sprinted
around repeating action after action and somehow finding an immense packload full of
easter eggs.

Team 3 actually did pretty darn’ well with their movie. They made their movie that was
based on a “Pick A Path Story”. They had a great storyline to it and most importantly,
they based on a person who was bored when she walked to school and somehow a magical
witch showed up and let her choose what she where she wanted to go to travel to school,
she had two options:

  1. Forest
  2. Beach

At first she chose forest and had a splendid time but the she came across the magical witch
again with the same choices, this time she chose beach and had a wonderful time
wandering in the dry tanned sand. Sooner or later she finally made it to school with a grin
on her face!

Team 4 also did pretty darn’ well, well they always think of good movies to show what
their learning and also they make it really funny. Their movie was about how a teacher
calls a meeting for the other teachers to join him, but when they got there they were
surprised to see no Mr Goodwin as they wondered this, a frown formed on each of their
faces. After a while a phone call appeared on Miss Parrants phone and they were mad to
see who‘s name was at the top… Mr Goodwin! Once he appeared he started right away
“Hello teachers” he said “I have set a test for you” “you must follow the map and compass
that I will send you to find your way to our meeting at Pt England School, bye”. Once they
found the compass they set off around Glen Innes following which direction is best, as
normal they took regular stops to bakery’s and dairy’s just to gather provisions/food and
maybe a little snack.

I think you already know team 5’s item so i’m not gonna bore you to death!

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

Today we were told to sit and listen to three very important guests that had something to say about themselves and some personal advice. The three people's names are famous rugby player for the blues, Tanielu Tele'a. The second person was Mr's Tele'a's sister, Fiona Balculich who also in fact works in the show The Caskateers. The third was a good friend of Mr Tele'a, Jason who works at ITM as a builder. All of these three people all have something in common and I reckon it's that they are basically all family and have the same thing to share altogether!

The first speaker was Jason, and as I already said he works as a builder at ITM. He talked to us about his school years and how he and Mr Tele'a were friends at Pt England School when it was
non-digital. We got to ask him many questions like "who was your favourite teacher when you came to school?", he answered our question by saying "I actually had many teachers at school that I loved so I don't really know" I got some good advice from him.

The second speaker was in fact Mrs Tele'a's sister, Fiona Balculich, who also as I already told you, is a member of The Caskateers which is what they call themselves because really their all just funeral directors. she had lots of information to give us and she too came here to Pt England School. She got many questions to be asked but answered them all correctly.

The third is famous rugby player Tanielu Tele'a who as you also know plays rugby for the auckland blues. He gave us some advice like "Stay focused on the goal you want most and if you do then you will possibly achieve it!", I really was interested in the fact that he never knew that he would ever become a rugby player, in fact he thought he would be something else entirely!

From all these three people I have learned to stick to one goal at a time because then I can easily achieve it!

Alliteration Poems

Walt: Use poetic devices in writing

Task Description:
This week we had to write a poem using alliteration. I found it easy!

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Anzac Day Poster

Walt: Create a poster explaining the meaning of Anzac Day

Task Description:
This week we had to create a poster to remember those who died in the war. I found it easy!

What Drink Do You Like The Most?

Walt: Create a graph explaining what things do people prefer

Task Description:
This week we had to create our own graph, and include everyone in it. My partner and I created a Pie Graph based on What Drink Do You Like The Most? I found it easy.

Monday, 8 April 2019

Dawn Service

Walt: Make inferences about a text

Task Description:
This week we were forced to elaborate more on what the author is writing and create a profile about the story and Anzac Day! I found it easy!

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Are You A Data Detective?

Walt: Conduct a statistical inquiry

Task Description:
This week we had to collect our own data on how much time we spend on our devices this week doing educational work or just playing games. I found it easy to collect my data!

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Treaty Of Waitangi Extension Game Design Term 1 2019

Walt: Create a game based on the Treaty Of Waitangi

Task Description:
This term we were forced to create a game design that will help kids and adults a chance to learn about the famous Treaty Of Waitangi! Ifound it hard to create my game!

The Value Of Ancient Traditions

Walt: Express ideas in poetry form

Task Description:
This week we had to write a cinquain/poetry poem about an ancient tradition that we got to choose. I found it easy!

Monday, 1 April 2019

Infographic Class Cultures

Walt: Extract information from a range of graphs

Task Description:
This week Mrs Stone wanted us to explain how many people belong to each culture through graphs. I found it easy!