Thursday, 28 June 2018

Talanoa Project Script & Planning

Script & Planning:

Kauri, Austin & Toby:

A warrior was banished to an island because he had broken the tribes rules.
Living on an island in the South Pacific alone. Stranded on island cause waka is broken.
Cutting wood for his fire. Uses a sharp rock with sharp pointed edges. Drops tool on the sand by accident. Hits something solid on the ground in the sand. Thinking it’s just another rock, he checks it over and discovers that its actually a golden nugget.
Takes it home and decides what to do with it. Fixes his waka. Makes a distraction for deadly monsters and travels safely to the next island that is populated. Gifts it to the Chief in exchange for his freedom. A thousand years later, the golden nugget is showcased at the Auckland Museum.

The End


Toby: A warrior named wiremu was banished from his tribe for breaking all the tribe’s rules, and because of this he was sent to the next island where the taniwha and the tentacled monster lurked with their terrifying gaze. Kauri: This is where he lived for the past 2 years, here is wiremu and this is his home! So one day he went out to cut the wood for his night fire, using a sharp rock with some sharp pointed bits and then he accidently dropped the rock and clang, he grabbed his hammer and banged the hammer then he saw something, glowing in the shadow he did it again just to make sure then he couldn't believe his eyes, a golden nugget. Toby: Then he went inside his house and decides what to do with it, after a few hours staring at the legendary thing, he finally decided what to do with it. Kauri: He fixes his waka, stored some resources for the journey, and gets going! Toby: Once he had landed on the safe water he began his journey, but oh no he just remembered the tentacled monster and the… Taniwha! Kauri: He had a plan, it was to poke the tentacled monster in the face and shine his light beacon that he had crafted. Toby: After scaring and killing the beasts he had finally returned to his homeland, gifting the gold for his freedom! Kauri: The chief replied and said yes. 2456 years later it is in the auckland museum as an artifact. Kauri & Toby: The End Thanks For Watching!

Monday, 25 June 2018

Mario Description

Here's is the Link to the google site with the Mario Description!
Task Description:
This week we had to discover and find out the history of Mario and what he does. My friend & I created a google site with a link! Hope You Enjoy!

Friday, 22 June 2018

Talanoa Project

Task Description:
This term we visited the Auckland Museum and had to show a way to explain what we did and show how the artefacts first came from. my partner and I created an animation showing how a random artefact ends up in the Auckland Museum!

Friday, 15 June 2018

Video Games Research Presentation - Toby & AJ

Walt: Identify The Main Points In The Text

Task Description:
This week we had to create a presentation about video games and what console we should study, I chose Wii! I made a whole page of research and it's filled with things like links and loads of research like the creator of Wii! I found it easy!

Console Poster

Walt: Identify The Main Points In The Text

Task Description:
This week we had to create a poster based on a gaming console that we chose! I found it easy!

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Extension Research Term 2 2018

Walt: Find Out As Much Information As Possible

Task Description:
This week me and my group had to find out as much as possible on future transport and fuel my research is about Future Air Transport and what would be a good aircraft to fly that wouldn't also pollute the earth!

Matariki Day

Intro: Matariki day was so much fun.
We had to choose what activity we wanted to do, I selected Cooking & Baking!
What would you choose if you had the chance?

As I stumbled across the dirty sharp concrete floor my ears alert as I heard the drum of a bell across the courtyard area with each clang meaning that schooltime had started. I was excited as I opened the doors of my classroom and came in with a big smile on my face happy that it was a friday and even better, matariki day, everyone had already been organised into their groups before I even came in! There were 4 groups which you could choose from, there were cooking, sports, craft and movie making, I chose cooking and we had a great time!

We cooked, decorated and even crafted things out of paper for the entire day at school! We cooked something called Kumara Rosti, and we decorated star cookies using whipped cream flavoured icing and much more sorts of food decorating items, and once the icing dried we were allowed to eat our own cookies which we decorated! After we munched the delicious meal, the leftover juice that we squeezed while making the kumara rosti was still there and as soon as Mr Goodwin saw it, there was a grin on his face!

He lifted the juice carefully and brought it outside to where the cooking desks were set, and asked if anyone had the guts to drink it and as soon as he mentioned the word taste I shot my hand up “ Me Mr Goodwin, me Mr Goodwin!” I shouted in excitement and dashed to the bowl and had one single mouthful of it and bolted outside to the water tap, wanting to vomit the taste out of my mouth!

Once the taste was out of my reach I walked back to class searching for rubbish as it was pack up time! I got down onto both knees and started crawling looking for pieces of rubbish to earn myself a raffle ticket, soon after the place was tidy I didn’t earn my raffle ticket but still I tried at least. After we had stacked the chairs Mr Goodwin instructed everyone outside to line up for assembly, one foot after the other I trotted outside to the rest of the line and headed off towards the hall to show what we had been doing!