Friday, 18 November 2016

Periodic Table Elements

Periodic table creating H2O

Without any atoms Nothing would exist in this world Even as people even the water even anything, anything that could be made or anything else Humans are made out of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Without the periodic table we wouldn't have learnt about anything in the world or anything that existed In our lives even sea life animals predators trees plant grass computers and lots of other things that can be important to us and lots of other people There are 118 elements in the periodic table And they are very useful things to our world.

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Friday, 4 November 2016

Milk colors

Making Butter

Narrative Writing Sample Term 4 2016

As Zac the six year old boy and his family go on an exciting adventure out into the woods at night Zac starts to read his favourite
book called “Morris the midget moose” Zac said, his parents were very proud of him for his school work that he did they said that “you're brave” “you know that” Zac nodded,
but soon after a pack of moose stumbled on the road “ arghhhhhhhhhh! ” shout’s Bruce/Dad Smash! The car went.

Tears went out of eyes as Zac stumbles through the broken pieces of the car as he grabs his bag and walks out, as he walks he finds his favourite book Morris the midget moose. Then unzips his front pocket of the bag and places the book in his bag ready for a journey ahead through the Bush!

As he was about to enter he heard another person or thing crying Zac turned back and peeked beside the car and saw a midget, big antler... Moose, I dropped my bag and rushed to pick the midget moose up and thought “what should I name you?” Zac Whispered, he placed the moose carefully on the surface and opened his own bag and pulled his book out to put the little moose inside “wait, I know what to name you, Morris!” he shouted, after he placed the moose inside he picks his book up and Walks in the big bush and this time Zac and his little buddy Morris went in for the journey ahead.

The Bush.jpg