Thursday, 14 March 2019

Writing Test Term 1 2019 - A Special Place In Our Community

Title: The Most Special Place In Our Community

Today I will be explaining to you about what I think is the most special thing in my community.
The most special place to me could be none other than, Church.
Have you ever been to church and been reborn?

Church is a fantastic place where you get to express yourself around others because you can be
so into Gods worship and that’s a very good thing. The reason why I love Church is because I
love being who I am and hanging out with others and chatting and opening myself up to God!
My church is none other than Tamaki Community Church/TCC on Court Crescent, Glen Innes,
New Zealand!

For others who don’t like church I am totally fine with that, I love seeing people being prayed on
or reborn by baptism. Church is God’s house by the way and we have to look after it, that’s why
our church puts in all our offerings into the church to praise God and do the right thing! In my
church there are around 48 people that go there and every year we have a church camp and
everyone finds it so awesome, even me!

At church I am looking forward to my own baptism which I know that I am very excited for it. I
also am aiming to get more connected into God and find out more about him by praying and
reading the bible which in our church we call that 10 Minutes because spend 10 minutes with
God and you’ll definitely feel renewed! I am very glad that God is in my life!

You know people say that their afraid of dying well i’m not I just can’t wait to die cause’ then I
can hopefully get into heaven which is God's kingdom and the best place in the universe. If you
do not know what heaven is well then let me tell you it is a fantastic place where you get to do
anything but you are always happy and you have eternal life, which is so cool!

If you didn’t know that God has two special companions with him then let me explain who they
are and what they are famous for, God’s two special companions are Jesus Christ and The Holy
Spirit, Jesus is actually God’s only son and he was the one who died on the cross to save our
sins which would have been a huge sacrifice for God to make. The Holy Spirit is amazing not
God’s son or daughter though, (to be honest I don’t even know if The Holy Spirits a he or she)
The Holy spirit can do great things such as renew you, help you to stay committed to God and
so much more! Did you know that we are all God’s children even though you must be thinking
“ no my Mum and Dad are my parents ” well they are but also even your parents are children of
God, everyone in the entire world is a child of God, which I am very proud to be!

There is one problem in this world, it is and I should probably warn you that it is not good to
follow this bad man named Satan/The Devil as he corrupts you and takes you to the darkness
and can bring terrible things in your life like temptation to do the wrong in life, that’s why it’s
good stay with God because God will protect you from the evil of Satan. We don’t usually talk
about The Devil and it’s good not to, so what I am trying to say is follow God, do the right thing!
You know how people say that while your and adult and you’ve made some bad decisions and
you wanna change them but you think you can’t then cast out that because that’s The Devil is
trying to trick you to do bad things, but if you really wanna fix up your life then do it, it’s never
too late to worship God and to go to Heaven because that has happened before to many people!

I am into God because I know that I can trust him through everything I do and I can have faith in
him and I can believe in him while he offers me hope and love and appreciation! Even when
your feeling down you can easily pray to God and even confess all the wrong things that you
have done wrong then God will forgive you. Did you know that some of the richest people in the
world think that they’ve got enough money to do anything so they stop believing in God, well
guess what happened next, everything turned into chaos.


Thank you for reading my explanation of The Most Special Place In My Community
(From my perspective). I really appreciate it and I hope you that you can learn from this and be
renewed to God and to trust him through everything like I am trying to do!

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