Thursday, 25 January 2018

Toby's Holiday Snaps Part 3

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Grooving My Legs Off

It was when they touched me that I had to go in the Dance Circle, I was with a friend from camp and she made up the dance move for our dance. our theme for the dance was disco so we did a few disco moves and stepped out, quickly! Why we were dancing? well i'll tell you why, it's because our camp rule is that if your new you have to do an item in front of everyone and my auntie and uncle just got there and they did a dance battle for there item and guess who was in it? me.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Little Dips In The Water

Dashing for the blue tips of water I was, and luckily for me I got in first which was a good thing for our family because it normally feels like your on a frying pan getting cooked and the temperature on high. I  quickly took off my top and watch then sprinted and leaped in before all my brothers and Mum did, the water was so refreshing because it was cold on a hot day.

We were swimming, diving, bombing but mostly doing tricks in the water. We were having heaps of fun but hand standing well that was the real fun bit. We had a hand stand competition for who could stay under the longest. We started from oldest to youngest Mum went first she got 11 seconds, then Jordan he got 7 seconds, then Noah got the highest out of all of us 24 seconds which placed him first, then me 13 seconds which was quite good because I came second out of all of us and I was quite happy about that!

We were only there for a short time which really ticked us off, so Mum said "Last dive" so I jogged to the deepest part of the pool and got ready to dive. "3, 2, 1, Go" Mum shouted as I jumped in head first and it didn't hurt a bit which means it was a good dive, I quickly swam out got my towel wrapped it around me and dashed to the front seat of the car and we were off!

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Toby's Holiday Snaps Part 2

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Leaping In The Ferocious Water

I was cold, freezing cold while staring down at what was beneath me. I carefully balanced my weight while standing on a slippery rail peeking at what felt like 10 meters below. I had no choice i had to, "321, Jump" I whispered before I leaped in the thin air felling the tips of a tidal stream as it sucked me under the Ferocious water!

Monday, 1 January 2018

Toby's Holiday Snaps

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It's Jetski Time!

Freezing cold in the boot of the car trailer I was, as we drove to the river just ahead of us. We were in Gisborne, Tolaga Bay just to hang out with cuzzies and visit family. Anyway when we got there my Dad leaped out of the car door and gently lifted the boot door down so we could jump out!

Then to our ears we heard a crazy motor beaming towards us but wait another sound calls to us, it sounded the exact same as the other one. I could see all the smiles on my family's faces even my own. As the two water sport vehicles appeared everyone cheered as they made there dramatic entrance!

Once they had finished there dramatic entrance they made there way to the shore and every kid got 1 turn each,luckily Noah and I went first on the... Jetski's! It was our first time on a Jetski and it was crazy fun, we were slipping and sliding while having an awesome time. we were quite sad when we had to get off but at least we had a story to tell!