Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Little Dips In The Water

Dashing for the blue tips of water I was, and luckily for me I got in first which was a good thing for our family because it normally feels like your on a frying pan getting cooked and the temperature on high. I  quickly took off my top and watch then sprinted and leaped in before all my brothers and Mum did, the water was so refreshing because it was cold on a hot day.

We were swimming, diving, bombing but mostly doing tricks in the water. We were having heaps of fun but hand standing well that was the real fun bit. We had a hand stand competition for who could stay under the longest. We started from oldest to youngest Mum went first she got 11 seconds, then Jordan he got 7 seconds, then Noah got the highest out of all of us 24 seconds which placed him first, then me 13 seconds which was quite good because I came second out of all of us and I was quite happy about that!

We were only there for a short time which really ticked us off, so Mum said "Last dive" so I jogged to the deepest part of the pool and got ready to dive. "3, 2, 1, Go" Mum shouted as I jumped in head first and it didn't hurt a bit which means it was a good dive, I quickly swam out got my towel wrapped it around me and dashed to the front seat of the car and we were off!

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