Friday, 27 July 2018

Parking Meter

Walt: Build A Stronger Knowledge Base Around Time

Task Description:
This week we had to measure the amount of money placed inside a parking meter and figure out what time the parking ticket expired!

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Immersion Assembly Template Term 3 2018

Today was the first day of term 3.
All the teachers from different teams presented an item, with everyone's item
they had to show a movie demonstrate what each of the teams were presenting!
Has this ever happened at your school?

The school theme is called ‘Move Ya Body’. I think it’s based on fitness, exercise, nutrition, Hydration,
and all the healthy topics, because at our assembly there was a lot of it, we had to dance 3 times to
Beyonce’s ‘Move Your Body’ song while others danced! I guess that this term is going to be odd just by
the look of it. All the teachers presented basically the same theme which was ‘Stay Healthy & Keep Fit,
well all besides Team 5, Team 5 always has something different to show the school and are way better!

Team 4 was my favorite item because they are very funny and come up with the greatest ideas for
school well that’s what Mr Goodwin says. Team 4’s focus was fitness and hydration but in a fun and
creative way, because if you’ve seen the Team 4 immersion assembly movie you might know what i’m
talking about. Of course they made a movie to go with it. I enjoyed Team 4’s movie because they always
have the best ideas and always make everything fun and that is one of the reasons why like Team 4 and
I know that I am very lucky to be in it!

I would like to learn about gymming because I have always wanted to discover what types of exercising
can do to your body and how much strength you possess once you complete your day at the gym. I also
want to do research on famous people that have done famous things like the person who invented the
first gym class and where it was and what date it was! One of the other reasons is that I actually want to
go to the gym to get stronger and fitter!

I think this term will be not as fun as the other because I am not into fitness and vegetables or hydration
and I don’t think many people are into it as well. I think that this term could probably be near the same
because the topics aren’t so different so I might enjoy this term a little bit, you never know! And by the way
last terms topic was ‘I Like To Move It!’

Healthy Lifestyle

Walt: Find Relevant Information In The Text

Task Description:
This week we had to answer a problem depending on how many hours or minutes we need to exercise to stay healthy!

Monday, 23 July 2018

Mini Minutes

Walt: Build A Stronger Knowledge Base Around Time

Task Description:
This week we had to solve a timed problem using minutes we also had to measure the time to find out our answer!

What's The Time

Walt: Build A Stronger Knowledge Base Around Time

Task Description:
This term we were learning to tell the time, again. we also had to write the written form and digital form. I found it easy!

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Boarding On Liquid, Solid & Gas

Image result for snowboard
Snow, snow is a liquid that can turn into 3 different things it can be a liquid, a solid and a gas and each of these elements create water, steam and ice. If you mix water/liquid and ice/solid it creates snow which is what my family and I are boarding on with our snowboards this holidays!

Ice, ice is a solid which if you fall on it, it can definitely hurt you bad especially if you do a tight turn and fall on your face. Ice is hard to ride on because it’s slippery and hard to do turns unless your an expert like me and just cruise!

Anyway, ice is the hardest kind of snow to ride on because there’s a mountain called Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand, Ohakune, me and my family board there! There are 5 different kinds of sections on the mountain, first at the very bottom there’s Alpine Meadow which is for beginners, Parklane, Movenpick which is full of ice, The Giant and Six Seater!

Steam, steam is a gas that is very frustrating when your trying to board down because you can’t see a thing because the mountain goes above the clouds and we’re in the middle of the clouds so you’ve really got to focus and remember where the track is!

Time, time is precious when your on a snow mountain because every snow mountain has a time limit that stops the chair lifts from anyone going back up to go down unless you walk your way up and board down which sucks, trust me! As I said before every snow mountain has time limit, Mount Ruapehu closes at 4:00 pm! The best time to go there is definitely winter because in the other seasons the snow dries up!

Sides, there are two sides on Mount Ruapehu there’s Turoa and Whakapapa Whakapapa is just a straight down track that is good to practice your turns and s’s which is what my family call it, and Turoa is with all the sections like Parklane Movenpick all those which way better than straight down unless you like going fast!

Cafe, on both sides of the mountain there is a cafe for when you want a break of snowboarding or skiing they normally sell hot food like pies and chips and soft drinks/fizzy but our family use snickers bars to keep us going each day we only get two snickers bars each and there the tiny ones but they still get you going and pumped!

Friday, 6 July 2018

Goodbye My Fans

Goodbye my fans I will not be on my blog for two week because in
New Zealand it’s the holidays!  Which for me is awesome because
i’m not a big fan of school. I might be posting blogs in the holidays
but not as much as I usually do!


Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Extension Reflection Term 1 2018

Term 1 wasn’t as cool as Term 2 but still it had a few fun parts in it!
Me and my group had an awesome time together planning and crafting
new ideas for things, my group was called the Environmentalists which
their job is to clean up the land and the environment! Term 1 for me
was average but every year the first term isn’t so fun at first well if
your me!

Each term we have our paideia seminar which we didn’t have this year
because we didn’t have enough time to do it, if you didn’t know
paideia seminars is where a group of people gather together to share
and discuss ideas about a topic or issue.

Extension Reflection Term 2 2018

Term 2 was awesome we had lots of fun creating animations,
researching about our topic and having fun! Every term
extension is the same but if you believe that it is fun then it will
be fun. I had lot’s of fun this term learning creating and sharing.

What I think i did well on is creating and finishing my groups
projects and getting lot’s of research onto my blog.
This terms extension focus/The Provocative Statement was
‘Developing new technologies may be the only way to ensure
the survival of the human race’!

40 Hour Famine Recount 2018

Walt: Show & Tell What You Learnt

Task Description:
This week we had to create a reflection about the 40 hour famine and what we did. I found it fun to do this!

Voice To Type - My Book

Book Name: BloodTree Chronicles - ThatchThrope

Bad Voice Recording:
Punching a bunch of red poppies Abigail sat on the rickety Moss covered bench beneath the tree with it's black not at branches to sit together like a plant snow falling about her and it felt in a strange way as if she had never been there before but of course she had the first time sheet into the silver in Kingdom at been to remove the poisonous Bell Post between the words and this pants and spell story sick and had been to 3 braggan so I'm fine thereby saving the ice dragons from Extinction which allowed that starts and it's true and happy ending.

Fix Up Version:
Clutching a bunch of red poppies, Abigail sat on the rickety, moss-covered bench beneath the tree with it's black knotted branches twisted together like a plait, snow falling about her. It felt, in a strange way, as if she had never been there before. But of course she had. The first time had entered the Silver Kingdom had been to remove the poisonous spell placed between the words in the Sanspell story. The second had been to free Bragonsthyme, thereby saving the ice dragons from extinction, which allowed that story to have it's true and happy ending.

Task Description:
This week we were given our new Duffy books, we had to complete a task which is where we read the book and record it and in the other version is what it actually says!