Thursday, 12 July 2018

Boarding On Liquid, Solid & Gas

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Snow, snow is a liquid that can turn into 3 different things it can be a liquid, a solid and a gas and each of these elements create water, steam and ice. If you mix water/liquid and ice/solid it creates snow which is what my family and I are boarding on with our snowboards this holidays!

Ice, ice is a solid which if you fall on it, it can definitely hurt you bad especially if you do a tight turn and fall on your face. Ice is hard to ride on because it’s slippery and hard to do turns unless your an expert like me and just cruise!

Anyway, ice is the hardest kind of snow to ride on because there’s a mountain called Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand, Ohakune, me and my family board there! There are 5 different kinds of sections on the mountain, first at the very bottom there’s Alpine Meadow which is for beginners, Parklane, Movenpick which is full of ice, The Giant and Six Seater!

Steam, steam is a gas that is very frustrating when your trying to board down because you can’t see a thing because the mountain goes above the clouds and we’re in the middle of the clouds so you’ve really got to focus and remember where the track is!

Time, time is precious when your on a snow mountain because every snow mountain has a time limit that stops the chair lifts from anyone going back up to go down unless you walk your way up and board down which sucks, trust me! As I said before every snow mountain has time limit, Mount Ruapehu closes at 4:00 pm! The best time to go there is definitely winter because in the other seasons the snow dries up!

Sides, there are two sides on Mount Ruapehu there’s Turoa and Whakapapa Whakapapa is just a straight down track that is good to practice your turns and s’s which is what my family call it, and Turoa is with all the sections like Parklane Movenpick all those which way better than straight down unless you like going fast!

Cafe, on both sides of the mountain there is a cafe for when you want a break of snowboarding or skiing they normally sell hot food like pies and chips and soft drinks/fizzy but our family use snickers bars to keep us going each day we only get two snickers bars each and there the tiny ones but they still get you going and pumped!

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