Thursday, 28 September 2017

How Ears Work

Ears pick up sound waves and change them into information that the brain can understand, like music or someone talking! There are slow vibrations and quick vibrations, slow vibrations produce deep sounds and quick vibrations produce high sounds!

When the sound goes through your ear, it goes through a tunnel called the ear canal, first to the eardrum, then the eardrum starts to vibrate, there are three things that vibrates in your ear, the Hammer, the anvil, and the stirrup, they are all part of the eardrum and how it works!

After it’s gone through the eardrum it’s starts going deeper to the inner ear! Once the sound has gone into your inner ear your eardrum makes a set of hard electrical signals that are sent to your brain! The Cochlea is a spiral shaped tube with fluid inside!

Sensory cells also known as hair cells line up the length of the Cochlea, these hair cells have weird degrees of sensitivity for the different tones! This makes the ear hear all the sound that is around it.


There are three parts of your ear.The outer ear The Middle ear The Inner ear.The outer ear is called Pinna or Auricle.The Pinna or outer ear acts like a funnel collecting sounds to channel them into the ear canal which is also part of the outer ear.The ear canal produces ear wax.Ear wax contains chemical that could fight off infections that could hurt the skin in the ear canal.Ear wax traps dirt to keep the ear clean. When the eardrum vibrates it moves a set of three tiny bones on the other side called Ossicles. The three ossicle bones are called the Hammer and the Anvil and the Stirrup.The Ossicles are connected to the cochlea.The Cochlea is a small curled up tube filled with liquid the vibration of the ossicles create waves in the liquid in the cochlea.The cochlea is lined with tiny hairs when the fluid in the cochlea moves it moves the hairs and creates nerve signals and sends to the brain.

Bike Helmet Fitting

This week we had a bike session with a lady called Rochelle. She taught us all the things you need to know about bike riding even before you put your helmet on!

     1. The first thing that you need to do is check for cracks in the

     2. The next thing that you do is try it on

     3. Before you try it on take off all Hair Accessories

     4. Also before you need to take off your hair accessories and you
         need to have a low ponytail

     5. Once you have put it on, loosen the helmet as far as you can

     6. Make sure that you can fit two fingers on your forehead, once
         you have tried it on put two fingers on your forehead, do the
         same with your chin

     7. Make the Y shape, tighten it as hard as you can

     8. Make it feel comfortable on your head, don’t use the helmet if
         it’s got cracks otherwise it does no protection

     9. Don’t wear your helmet at the back otherwise it will give you no


Thursday, 21 September 2017

Extension Animation Term 3 2017

Paideia Seminar Term 3 2017

I was sitting relaxed and waiting for a turn to speak. I had butterflies in my stomach. We were having another Paideia Seminar, finally someone spoke and it actually made sense so I added on saying “ if Africa became like America the world would be a pretty rubbish place to live on, because America has already created heaps of pollution and if Africa is like America the world will be polluted!”

I achieved my goal of speaking more because I spoke like 7 times. Right after I said the America thing my mind popped up with another idea based on the exact same thing, I said again “ if every country was like America if you were on a plane and wanted to go to America you wouldn’t know where to go because every country will be like America.”

Every time you got three ticks you could take three lollies home lucky for me as I told you I got 7 ticks, everyone was mostly excited about the lollies because they are very yummy and everybody knows that!

It was so fun, I loved it, everybody came because the lollies well so did I but also I enjoyed talking more than eating lollies! My goal for next Term is linking on to what another person says!

Photo's Below!

Problem Solving W9T3


 Text: Frogs

Your response
(using information from the text)
How would you feel if you were in Tane’s situation?
Scared, Petrified, Frightened and shocked
Because what the mutts will do to you
Why would you not mess with the Mutts?
Because they will try to kill you
How they tie him to the car then his rad monitor is going red
Do you think the setting was once a nice environment?
No, because it was a junkyard full of old broken cars and trucks and tires and rubbish
No, because in the pictures it looks like a junkyard or a dirty car graveyard
Would it be a pleasant temperature?
No, because it was so hot that Tane needed to get some shade or he would of died
No, because it was so hot that it felt like Mars
Was the environment deserted?
No, because it looked like a car graveyard and a place where you wouldn’t want to go to
Was Tane thirsty?
Yes, Because when he finds the frogs it says that his mouth is dry

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Celebrity Star Profiles

                              Celebrity Star Profiles
(By Marilyn Head)
Agree/Disagree Task

Explanation & Evidence
A ‘Star Nurserie’ is an area in space where stars are formed.
It says in the book that Star Nurseries are  Enormous clouds of dust and gas
A Protostar is made up of fire.
Because in the story it says that a Protostar is a huge dense cloud
Our sun is a small star.
Because it said that the Sun is a Middle Sized Star
Rigel is a star which would have a shorter life than our sun.
Because they said that Rigel is a Blue Supergiant

Quiz Pic

Her is a small part of a photo of my Guardians Of The Galaxy quiz!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

My Favourite Part Of Church Camp

Muddy, wet, and excited as I tramp over the gooey muddy tracks and head towards the park. As I swing on the ladder I couldn’t stop thinking about 'The Messy Games' and how much fun I would have while I would be playing. A few minutes later the siren calls “everyone to the field it’s time for the… Messy Games!”

We were playing a game that I like to call 'Dodge ’n’ Slide' because how you play is...


Running Team
  1. Hit the ball with the Bat from home base (which looked like
  2. Run and slide on your belly and jump into the object to be safe
  3. You cannot hit them with the ball when they are inside the objects
  4. You are not allowed to run around the slide
  5. One person at a time
  6. If you 2 people jump inside the same object then the person who jumped inside is out
Ball Team:
  1. Throw the ball at the person who is running and sliding if you hit them then they are out
  2. If you catch the ball on the full then they are out

When it was my turn I hit the ball pretty far and slid on the slide got back up and hopped inside the object. I was Safe! When the next person hit I quickly dashed then slid then again leaped inside the object, as the other person gets tagged, As I went this time it the same thing happened except when I just got off the slide I was tagged!

My next turn, the exact same thing happend to me and I was tagged in the same place. Over and Over again. It kinda sucked every time getting out in the same place! Once the Messy Games had finished, well it wasn’t all over for me and a few others…

While I was getting cleaned with the hose I was watching My brothers and the youth boys sliding down this huge mud patch, first I was going to go but I realised I was already clean so I couldn’t be bothered, I saw Willie walking up the mountain but he was already clean so I said to him “Willie don’t go up your already clean” He smiled back at me and turned away, after a while I actually ended up going up that mountain and sliding on my nono/Bottom, the hill was very steep so you had to be careful but the faster we went the more sliding happened!

The End

My Cybersmart Drawing

Here is my Cybersmart drawing of how a person is deleting an inappropriate mail!

The Mail was a YouTube subscription to  something that they liked so they subscribed.

They also had a YouTube account which is something you shouldn't have when your 13 and under!

They can't stop getting emails from it because you always leave a digital footprint!

Friday, 15 September 2017

Guardians Of The Galaxy Space Animation Term 3

Description: We can no longer live on our planet we must find a new planet that is safe that every human can live on. Two Teenagers have taken off into space and have found a new planet, They are living on that planet right now so pack your bags and get to space!


Similarities between Text 1 and Text 3

Becoming a Martian (Clare Knighton)

Living in Space (ESA online)

In both texts:

  • There both about Mars

  • How we can live on it

  • How we can cope with the resources on Mars

  • They are learning about Mars

  • Their having a challenge

  • They are talking about how their is no oxygen on Mars

  • They are practising how to cope on Mars in a dome that looks exactly like Mars

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Animation Voice over Term 3

Earth: Peaceful, livable and breathable until... “This is your Mission. Find anything shiny and keep on going until you reach the core.” the driller hummed while drilling, low battery, “Oh no I broke the core of the earth what should I do now, might as well wait” solid rock, ting ting ting screeches the hammer as they build the spaceship, “Let’s go before we turn to stone.” “Oh no there’s an asteroid field, fire the space missile, quick!” boom, “ There’s a cool planet let’s live there”, Earth 2.0, 8 years later, “Bye Bye.” The End

Solar Eclipse Imaginitave Recount

While the wheels were rolling, and as Mum sped to the field, my brothers and I asked, “What’s the surprise, Mum and Dad?”
“Just wait we’re almost there!” Mum replied, RRRRRRR screeches the car urging to stop,
“Finally we’re here” I sighed in exhaustion.

We never knew that it was Solar Eclipse that night until…
“Guys guess what, it’s the Solar Eclipse, and you know what that means? The moon covers the sun!” she says.
“YAY!” we reply “I’ve always wanted to see it!” We keep on saying this as we dash to the middle of the crowd!

“Whoaaaa” we shouted as we were amazed by how fast the moon travelled along the sun as Mum mentioned,
“This is called the Diamond Ring. See how the Moon is in the middle of the sun? You can see the sun outline and that is called the Diamond Ring!” Mum tells us, as the moon orbited around the sun. I decided to run around the whole field because I was so hyper!

After I had done 5 laps I took a break, and sat down staring at the moon and sun. I was in love! I had never seen this before ever in my entire life. I remembered Mum telling us about it but forgot to bring the camera!

After 7 hours we all got tired, drove home and had a great night sleep!

The Fox And The Crow

Capture The Flag

As I Walked along the pathway I was chatting and I was carrying the gear to the big field.
“Stop!” shouted Miss West, “There will be no talking at all, and please stop playing with the gear or you will not be playing!” She said strictly. I was pulled back, frightened that I would be sent back, but that did not happen!

I didn’t really care if I was sent back, and what was the point it was only just a little game. On the way there we were accompanied by Miss Eadie’s dog. Everyone in the school loves the cute little fluffy white thing. George and Marika stopped to pat him and it took us a long time to get those two off that dog!

Once we got to the goalpost we stopped, put the gear down, and waited for instructions.
“Loseti, Josh, Levonah, Pisi, Jacob, and AJ,” Miss West started saying, “Could you please set up the game!”
“What’s the game?” I asked.
“Capture The Flag” she said.
“YAY!” we all shouted!

When everything was sorted she gathered us into two teams.
“1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2...” Once she had counted everyone, Freedom came just in time my best friend! Miss West explained the rules:

Then we played! Everyone running everywhere around the field aiming for the flag or person, luckily my team, won we had got all the flags on our side! As Miss West blew her whistle to end and finish the game!

We had a second round, but this time I wasn’t playing, I was hanging out with my friends and worms, there was a little hole in the ground with worms inside, I accidentally ripped one in two, or for easy saying I killed it. All my friends were complaining why. But I told them
“I did it on accident, I was trying to pull it out of the hole, then, rip!”

They were still complaining about the worm, but I just casually walked away and ignored them. Straight after that Miss West blew the whistle again to stop the game our team had won again! But the sad thing that happened that let everyone’s hopes down,
“alright everyone!” Miss West said “ packing up, we’re going back to class!”

We were all moaning while walking back to class, wining just because we had two short game of Capture The Flag

Friday, 8 September 2017

Animation Voice-over Term 3

Earth: Peaceful, livable and breathable until... “This is your Mission. Find anything shiny and keep on going until you reach the core.” the driller hummed while drilling, low battery, “Oh no I broke the core of the earth what should I do now, might as well wait” solid rock, ting ting ting screeches the hammer as they build the spaceship, “Let’s go before we turn to stone.” “Oh no there’s an asteroid field, fire the space missile, quick!” boom, “ There’s a cool planet let’s live there”, Earth 2.0, 8 years later, “Bye Bye.” The End