Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Solar Eclipse Imaginitave Recount

While the wheels were rolling, and as Mum sped to the field, my brothers and I asked, “What’s the surprise, Mum and Dad?”
“Just wait we’re almost there!” Mum replied, RRRRRRR screeches the car urging to stop,
“Finally we’re here” I sighed in exhaustion.

We never knew that it was Solar Eclipse that night until…
“Guys guess what, it’s the Solar Eclipse, and you know what that means? The moon covers the sun!” she says.
“YAY!” we reply “I’ve always wanted to see it!” We keep on saying this as we dash to the middle of the crowd!

“Whoaaaa” we shouted as we were amazed by how fast the moon travelled along the sun as Mum mentioned,
“This is called the Diamond Ring. See how the Moon is in the middle of the sun? You can see the sun outline and that is called the Diamond Ring!” Mum tells us, as the moon orbited around the sun. I decided to run around the whole field because I was so hyper!

After I had done 5 laps I took a break, and sat down staring at the moon and sun. I was in love! I had never seen this before ever in my entire life. I remembered Mum telling us about it but forgot to bring the camera!

After 7 hours we all got tired, drove home and had a great night sleep!

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