Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Capture The Flag

As I Walked along the pathway I was chatting and I was carrying the gear to the big field.
“Stop!” shouted Miss West, “There will be no talking at all, and please stop playing with the gear or you will not be playing!” She said strictly. I was pulled back, frightened that I would be sent back, but that did not happen!

I didn’t really care if I was sent back, and what was the point it was only just a little game. On the way there we were accompanied by Miss Eadie’s dog. Everyone in the school loves the cute little fluffy white thing. George and Marika stopped to pat him and it took us a long time to get those two off that dog!

Once we got to the goalpost we stopped, put the gear down, and waited for instructions.
“Loseti, Josh, Levonah, Pisi, Jacob, and AJ,” Miss West started saying, “Could you please set up the game!”
“What’s the game?” I asked.
“Capture The Flag” she said.
“YAY!” we all shouted!

When everything was sorted she gathered us into two teams.
“1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2...” Once she had counted everyone, Freedom came just in time my best friend! Miss West explained the rules:

Then we played! Everyone running everywhere around the field aiming for the flag or person, luckily my team, won we had got all the flags on our side! As Miss West blew her whistle to end and finish the game!

We had a second round, but this time I wasn’t playing, I was hanging out with my friends and worms, there was a little hole in the ground with worms inside, I accidentally ripped one in two, or for easy saying I killed it. All my friends were complaining why. But I told them
“I did it on accident, I was trying to pull it out of the hole, then, rip!”

They were still complaining about the worm, but I just casually walked away and ignored them. Straight after that Miss West blew the whistle again to stop the game our team had won again! But the sad thing that happened that let everyone’s hopes down,
“alright everyone!” Miss West said “ packing up, we’re going back to class!”

We were all moaning while walking back to class, wining just because we had two short game of Capture The Flag

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