Tuesday, 19 September 2017

My Favourite Part Of Church Camp

Muddy, wet, and excited as I tramp over the gooey muddy tracks and head towards the park. As I swing on the ladder I couldn’t stop thinking about 'The Messy Games' and how much fun I would have while I would be playing. A few minutes later the siren calls “everyone to the field it’s time for the… Messy Games!”

We were playing a game that I like to call 'Dodge ’n’ Slide' because how you play is...


Running Team
  1. Hit the ball with the Bat from home base (which looked like
  2. Run and slide on your belly and jump into the object to be safe
  3. You cannot hit them with the ball when they are inside the objects
  4. You are not allowed to run around the slide
  5. One person at a time
  6. If you 2 people jump inside the same object then the person who jumped inside is out
Ball Team:
  1. Throw the ball at the person who is running and sliding if you hit them then they are out
  2. If you catch the ball on the full then they are out

When it was my turn I hit the ball pretty far and slid on the slide got back up and hopped inside the object. I was Safe! When the next person hit I quickly dashed then slid then again leaped inside the object, as the other person gets tagged, As I went this time it the same thing happened except when I just got off the slide I was tagged!

My next turn, the exact same thing happend to me and I was tagged in the same place. Over and Over again. It kinda sucked every time getting out in the same place! Once the Messy Games had finished, well it wasn’t all over for me and a few others…

While I was getting cleaned with the hose I was watching My brothers and the youth boys sliding down this huge mud patch, first I was going to go but I realised I was already clean so I couldn’t be bothered, I saw Willie walking up the mountain but he was already clean so I said to him “Willie don’t go up your already clean” He smiled back at me and turned away, after a while I actually ended up going up that mountain and sliding on my nono/Bottom, the hill was very steep so you had to be careful but the faster we went the more sliding happened!

The End

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