Thursday, 28 September 2017

How Ears Work

Ears pick up sound waves and change them into information that the brain can understand, like music or someone talking! There are slow vibrations and quick vibrations, slow vibrations produce deep sounds and quick vibrations produce high sounds!

When the sound goes through your ear, it goes through a tunnel called the ear canal, first to the eardrum, then the eardrum starts to vibrate, there are three things that vibrates in your ear, the Hammer, the anvil, and the stirrup, they are all part of the eardrum and how it works!

After it’s gone through the eardrum it’s starts going deeper to the inner ear! Once the sound has gone into your inner ear your eardrum makes a set of hard electrical signals that are sent to your brain! The Cochlea is a spiral shaped tube with fluid inside!

Sensory cells also known as hair cells line up the length of the Cochlea, these hair cells have weird degrees of sensitivity for the different tones! This makes the ear hear all the sound that is around it.


There are three parts of your ear.The outer ear The Middle ear The Inner ear.The outer ear is called Pinna or Auricle.The Pinna or outer ear acts like a funnel collecting sounds to channel them into the ear canal which is also part of the outer ear.The ear canal produces ear wax.Ear wax contains chemical that could fight off infections that could hurt the skin in the ear canal.Ear wax traps dirt to keep the ear clean. When the eardrum vibrates it moves a set of three tiny bones on the other side called Ossicles. The three ossicle bones are called the Hammer and the Anvil and the Stirrup.The Ossicles are connected to the cochlea.The Cochlea is a small curled up tube filled with liquid the vibration of the ossicles create waves in the liquid in the cochlea.The cochlea is lined with tiny hairs when the fluid in the cochlea moves it moves the hairs and creates nerve signals and sends to the brain.

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