Wednesday, 11 October 2017

My Favourite Part Of Riverside Camp 2017

I was sitting there cheering inside the chapel  where people or christians you could say praise God. All the children were shouting as the other groups perform and get ready to dance. I was in a team with my older brother, he was a leader, there were 8 people in our group including our leaders, our team name was… Sleeping Kings!

We were going to be named the Sleeping Bags which I came up with the name. Now getting back to the concert our group was performing last we were the best even though they didn’t know what was happening they still let us go last! For our dance we did these songs:

It was so fun and we even had the best dance out of all the groups! But my super favourite part of that night is when we did the walst as soon as we started playing the music everyone stood up grabbed a partner and danced exactly everyone, we weren’t expecting that but it happened!

Location: Willow Park

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  1. Talofa Lava Toby,
    WOW! you look like you had fun at Riverside Camp. I wish I was there at the beginning. I was listening to the songs you linked and my favourite song was the Coconut Tree by Mohombi.
    You have a lot to do for your learning on having to post heaps as well for others to see what you have been up to in school.
    Have an awesome week at school and the weekend as well and, hope for the better.
    From: Tiria