Thursday, 26 October 2017

Drama Game

We circled ourselves in a round 2D shape. We were playing charades or you could say that we were acting out drama well charades is drama. If you don’t know how to play just click this link to watch a Video about drama or read this.

Instructions / How We Played It:

  1. No talking
  2. Act it out then freeze
  3. A person from the circle does something to change the action
  4. Freeze
  5. The person who had a turn at acting goes in the circle

And that was how we played our type of charades! For some of us it was fun for others they didn’t find it so cool, but I was in the fun side, I found it really cool to act because it built up my confidence a little bit. After we had done all that Miss West told us to get into groups up to 1-4. I went with my best friend Freedom and a few more mates.

What we acted out was volleyball my exact favourite sport. Harlyn and Me were the net and Freedom and Lennox were on both sides pretending to hit the invisible or imaginable ball. Everybody thought we were playing volleyball and they were right but a girl in my class called Pisirina thought we were ballroom dancing!

And that was the end of the games we played, we went back to class to write a blog like this one that you’ve been reading this entire time!

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