Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Traveling to Kaiteriteri PART 1

While we were packing, my family was getting ready for a holiday at Kaiteriteri. We were all packed and not ready to go, so we stayed up and worked. When my family and I were ready, we were told to go straight to bed, because we were leaving first thing in the morning. Today it was the 26th of December. On the 27th we were leaving so when I woke up, our family gathered at the table and prayed. Every time we travel we’d first pray to keep us safe while we're driving.

When we were driving, Noah was sleeping but everyone else was awake.
This might be a little sad for you but it was crackup for us. My mum was driving at night time and all these bugs are hitting the windscreen but then my mum turns and she recognised that she ran over a whole family of ducks crossing the road - even the baby ones!!!!
All of us were cracking up because we thought it was funny, But my mum thought that it was sad.  
Then jordan says “Mum, you're going to the dark side”, then Levi said “Mum you're going to the dark side” and I said “Mum you're going to the DUCK side”.

So, we’re still in the car, in Ohakune (which is near the snow mountain) and we’re all awake, including Noah. Then we stop at a motel when we’re all inside, Dad said to go look for the opossum in the tree. It was staring straight at us, but then we headed back and went to bed.

The next morning while we’re in the car we take a few stops and have a drink and some food.
When we came past an army museum in Waiouru, everyone says “woooooooooh!”
Everyone looked to the left, and outside the museum were some real tanks!!!!!!! and real guns!!!!!!! Mum said that we should check it out and then we all go to one tank and on it, it said ,that it could squash a person.
[if you look at the photos you will see us on the tank.]

It would take us 8 hours just to get to the ferry from Auckland. By the way, we were heading to the South Island.

Tune in and check out what happens next… Travelling to Kaiteriteri PART 2!


  1. I can't believe you told everyone about the ducks! It was very sad and unavoidable, as I couldn't swerve onto the other side and bang into the oncoming car!
    Love the descriptions - what an adventure we had!
    Look forward to hearing more - love Mum

  2. Oh my gosh, I have almost the same photos of me on those tanks. I love the Waiouru Army Museum - at least the tanks outside - I've never actually been inside.
    I do feel for the ducks though..... poor ducks.

  3. hello toby i lIke that you found a tank outside.