Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Travelling to Kaiteriteri PART 2!

...We were heading to the South Island!

Every time, we would always stop at Rodney’s and Kirsten's house in Wellington for a little rest.

The next morning, we always played in Harry’s room. Harry is Rodney and Kirsten’s son. He is pretty crack up and sometimes, he is serious, well sometimes. Whenever we go to Harry’s house we played a cool shooting car game - it is appropriate by the way.

We cross on the ferry at 2am in the morning from Wellington to Picton, South Island!

So the next morning we are back in the car and like after 3 or 2 hours, we're finally on the ferry.
We always go on the Bluebridge ferry. While we were on the boat there was a beautiful view and after like 2 hours we’re finally at the South Island! When we were in the car and we kept on stopping and heading on, like we always.

Finally we’re at Kaiteriteri! We were 2nd out of everyone! While we were setting up the tents some more friends arrived, and helped us. Well when everyone arrived we were all were like saying hi of course and stuff. There were 2 new kids the younger one’s name was Zion. The oldest was Ausdan and he loved playing games.

While I was sitting in the tent, I was playing rat-a-tat-cat which was a card game. It is very fun. Afterwards I went into my mum and dad’s tent and watched some movies on my ipod nano. I was watching the "A Team". It is a very cool and funny movie. One of my favourite parts was taken from Braveheart where Murdock says [in a Scottish accent] "What would you give for one chance to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!!!!!!"

After watching the A Team it was dinner time and we always had delicious food. Well after eating, Jonte my cousin and Noah my brother came back and said we're going eel hunting and I said “Can I come?" and they said “Yes”.
Then we went and we saw some other people when they caught one then they put it just on the ground it was like a snake, a tiny snake. Uncle Paul stabbed it and then put it back in the pond.

The next morning Uncle Paul said "Who wants to go fishing?" and he always picked the same people. It was Jordan ,Jonte and Noah and they took ages just to come back but then we had to go tramping!


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  1. I am pleased to see that no animals were harmed in this instalment! I am very jealous of your trip though, it really does sound a lot of fun.
    Part 3 can't come soon enough.