Friday, 19 February 2016

Lost in the forest

In the dark creepy forest there was a house, it was quite big the owners of the house had  2 lovely children 1 was named Zac he was a playful and loving kid and his younger sister's name was sarah all there parents were telling Zac ( in an angry voice) “Go do your chores”!!.

Zac was sick and tired of living in the same old house, He hated it. That exact night, zac packed all his stuff that he needed and disappeared into the deep scary dark forest with dead animals in it.

One day when Zac’s parents woke up, they were telling everyone to wake up for baby poo’s rock ( it’s a bible study) when sarah was in the room zac’s dad was calling out the names they went through all the names then the father called out Zac.

It was quiet, suddenly Sarah ran to get Zac, when she came back, the whole family panicked for a moment Sarah wanted to have her brother back so she sets off for the journey. While Zac heads on he was very thirsty, so he searched and searched everywhere, then sat down.

In his sight behind a bush he finally saw aaaaaaaa swamp he did mind but at least he found water, while he was drinking he saw a ripple, Zac was frightened so he got out his sniper and waited and waited, suddenly bursting out, of the binoculo he saw a large crocodile!!!! pouncing out, the crocodile grabbed his foot, Zac was screaming for “help!!!!!!!”.

while his parents were in bed, they started to worry about Zac and Sarah. They recognised what they were doing, but there parents couldn't do anything about it. They prayed to help their son and daughter, when they had an idea to build a light tower so that Zac and Sarah can get home safely.

while Sarah was tracking down Zac she had heard the screams. she ran closer and closer until she reached a swamp, she sat down at the edge of the swamp while she was waiting, she saw a hand peeking out of the water “hu” she dived in the creepy swamp, “huu” she wondered. She saw the hand but this time she knew who it was it was Zac she brought him in and made a fire to keep warm, also she set up the mattresses and blankets then Zac woke up.

Zac was wondering where he was and why was he in a bed, he saw his sister and said “what are you doing here” she looked at him and said “saving your life but i”m hunting for food now so have some rest, i'll be back soon” when Sarah came back she caught 2 big fat pigs and a couple of lions.

Zac was amazed by his little sister doing all this work for him that night Zac was feeling better he asked if he could help Sarah said “you can help me by getting the wood cutter and cut down branches Zac did a good job, after a while Zac was wondering what they doing, he asked Sarah, Sarah said we're making a hut around us to keep us safe.

The next morning Zac woke up and prepared breakfast, he caught 4 eggs, 2 pigs and 2 duck’s. Sarah had woken up by the smell, she smelt something delicious, once she opened her eyes she was so surprised,   that she saw her favourite breakfast poached eggs she ate it all up in one minute.

While they were walking home they were talking of how much fun they had together. While they were walking, they saw a light, then they saw home. They ran as fast as they could, their parents were so happy of having them back.

Zac’s mum and dad were saying “Sorry son for going to be disrespectful to you” “I forgive you, Zac said and Zac’s parents said a thank you to Sarah for saving Zac’s life from the scary crocodile! Zac was very pleased to hear that Sarah had saved him.


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