Thursday, 10 December 2015

Recount of 2015

After the Christmas holidays I was so excited that I was going to be a year 3, I was wondering of what class I was going to be in, I wanted to be in Miss King’s class or Miss Trimble’s but I was lucky to have Miss King.

When I started in her class I came everyday and did the right thing even when things got hard she enjoyed having she also said that I was a very good worker and for being nice to other people.

Well when a person named A.J.T started to be naughty Miss King told me to help him out he was quite silly but not all the time and that was good also in swimming lessons I was really good I was even in the highest group.

I enjoyed all the year three trips, we went to the museum and motat it was very very fun I loved it in Miss King’s class and even the Google expeditions which is basically these cool goggles because you would be on a roller coaster pretty fun right,! 

Some things were also quite bad but we would always sort the problems out we had no worry we'll sometimes there were huge problems going on in the class some of them were fights and for also saying bad words.

Every Tuesday after morning tea the kapa haka group would go to the hall and practice, I was one of them and I loved being in kapa haka I never got told off and always listened to whoever was speaking.

I was having so much fun in class well when it was morning tea I always enjoy it when it's morning tea or lunchtime I always and I mean always play with my friends or I just sit around but it isn't really fun but I'm you to it.

Well I'm in class I always seem to learn something from my teacher as you already know that it's the amazing Miss King who can almost always solve the problems but sometimes we just work it out.

Well sometimes she wouldn't even know how to use the apps she would just say” just muck around on it and see what you can do, it's  pretty fun I just loved being in my classroom with all my friends.

I loved being in her class she is even my favourite teacher out of all of team 3 and she was very very fun and I just totally loved it, I hope that she's my teacher for next year and that means that she's my favourite teacher in year 4.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Kapahaka Spark Performance

When the bus arrived to our school our kapa haka group were heading off to Spark I was one of them, I felt excited when we got on the bus the driver straight away started the engine, well on the way there everybody were singing any kind of songs that they knew.

I was getting quite annoyed but I didn't do anything or say anything, I just enjoyed the ride on the way to Spark, it was a kind of long ride but it was quite fun not really when we got there I was so amazed of what I was seeing I saw a 7 story building right in front of me.

When both buses were at spark Mrs Nua and Mr Burt put us into our rows of boys and girls well when they told us to get into our rows we straight away did that and headed in the humongous building, down the steps and went into the spot that we needed to be in.

The first thing that we did in that building was when Mr Burt said his speech he said it very well and even in confidence well our first song was Te Atua but first fire paddy would say whakanui e and that was when we would group in together and say our Karakia which is a prayer if you didn't know.

when we sang Te Atua it was kind of long but when we just started singing almost everybody were watching us, when we had finished everyone were applauding and next song was Rona you might not know these songs but just go with it.

Well I don't want to tell you all the songs that we sang so i’m just gonna say one well at the end of all of that singing it was the Haka which is always the last part of our performance I went hard out and I was in the middle also the camera was facing straight at me so I was lucky.

When we went back up the stairs there was food waiting outside it was for a little snack there was quiche, fruit, water to drink and some nice as sandwiches well that was all made from spark and all that made me full.

When we finished eating the two buses were still waiting but before we left all of us got to choose a bag that had a cap and drink bottle inside we were just singing outside the spark building, people were taking photos or videos but finally we went into the bus and headed off.

In the bus it was even louder than before almost everyone was singing songs but I was talking to a boy named falcon he is fire paddy's son he’s a cool guy to meet he gets along really well we were talking on the bus or basicly the whole time.

well when we got back to school we were just like doing the same thing of what we always do but my class were filming for our prizegiving we were doing the whip and nae nae and a dance to a song called call me on my cellphone.