Friday, 26 February 2016

Travelling to Kaiteriteri PART 3

tramping is when you have a very long walk and I mean long.

we caught a boat to bark bay and back.
I wasn’t actually asleep I was just faking it.

When we got to our campsite we had showers it was 50 cents if you wanted a 3 minute shower if you put in two it’s a 6 minute shower I went with jordan in number one, number one is the biggest shower out of all the showers when we went back we did what we would normally do.

While we were waiting Nate said who wants to go to the beach all of us did so while we were there we were having so much fun we were swimming, jumping off the pontoon and drawing on the sand and people were jumping off the bridge! that leads to a lazy river! then it leads to the ocean!

we got to our campsite we had showers I went with jordan in number one again.

After I got changed there was an amazing race that we were doing, it was just our camp so we got into our teams and he said go!!! I can’t really tell you it but I can tell you my favourite part it was when we had to do press ups, well I was hanging out with Hanarima. she is very cute and she likes playing with the sand and she’s a girl.

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