Friday, 4 March 2016

The Blob

The Blob.jpg

After waiting in the crowded line, It was finally my turn. I got everything on and was ready to go. I looked down at the monstrosity, I was too frightened to go. Well, I had to. The person shouted at me “Is something wrong!!.”
“No” I shouted back.

I took 3 deep breaths and jumped, As I jumped onto the frightening Blob,  I whispered to myself “I am scared”. Walking across the blue, yellow and red Blob, I waited and waited. Suddenly I launched through the air. I flipped and twisted until finally I landed head first into the water.

I’m cold” I said with my teeth chattering. I quickly ran to get my towel. Luckily for me the sun was boiling hot so I was warm and dry before I knew it. When I got back on the wooden wharf to grab my towel ,everyone was asking questions “Did it hurt?” I heard from one person. It was so annoying so I had to run home.

As I was running Home I thought of never doing it again. When I got home I was bursting for water and skulled the drink.


  1. I'm loving your giant sized muscles Toby!
    Well done on getting almost all of your punctuation spot on - almost.
    Your ideas are fantastic and the way that you have described all the exciting moments is brilliant. Magic job on this task Toby.

  2. Hi Toby,
    I really loved your descriptions... "monstrosity", "flipped and twisted", "chattering" - I've never been on a Blob before, but I feel like I can really imagine the motion.
    I, too, loved your bulging muscles and awesome "six pack" abs!
    Well done,
    Love Mum