Thursday, 18 May 2017

Perfect Coin Catch

Shivering nervously as our teacher Miss West handed us all 1 counter, she explained the game to us while we were inside the classroom. I got a dark black colored counter, she explained the rules of the game.

  1. Your not allowed to pick up any coins that are not yours!
  2. Once you’ve caught one you put your hand up then I will give you another counter!
  3. If you cheat you're disqualified
  4. Whoever has the most counters wins!

“ Three, two, one, go!” Miss West shouted, We had to place the coin on our elbow then flick it up and catch it, I had already started, flicking it up in the air I seized the coin in my palm and… “I got it!” I shouted while I raised my hand in the soft breeze as Miss West gave me another counter.
On my first catch of having two coins, I just kept on getting it. Coin after coin after coin I got until “five minutes left everyone!” Miss West roared “oh shoot” “come on Toby come on” I kept saying pushing myself into a higher level.
I had nine counters, but when I got more concentrated and started to focus I flicked it up and tadaa “yay, yes, yes!” I shouted “I’m on ten counters! Yes!” just as I got ten counters Miss West demanded “ everyone back inside and get ready to learn new things!
Photos below!

Screenshot 2017-05-18 at 10.38.40 AM.png


  1. Awesome, Toby! I bet your readers will feel like they were taking part as well. Remember the difference between aloud and allowed.

    1. You're not allowed to pick up any coins... (This is the one you needed to use in your writing).
    2. Miss West asked us to read aloud to her.

    I really like the photo - it is very artistic! Is that you in the photo?

    Miss West