Monday, 29 May 2017

What Has Happened To Miss West?

Staring at the classroom door, ready to learn, I strolled into the classroom, but where was Miss West, was she homesick, was there zombies outside her house so she didn’t want to get out of bed.

Was it that she wanted to go to the toilet but couldn’t get off the seat because their was sticky glue on it or was it because she hated us “well i’m out of options” I said quietly. “Hey Toby” I heard from a familiar voice as I turned around and saw that it was Benjiman.

“Do you know where Miss West is?” he asked as I nodded sideways, “no” I replied looking around if she was hiding, but instead I saw Freedom out of the peek of my eye.

“Maybe Freedom will know” I said to benjy “Freedom!” Benjy shouted looking if Freedom would turn around “yeah!” he shouted back as we saw his sparkling eyes of excitement, as the second bell rang and interrupted Benjy.

“Oh no, i’m late for school!” shouted Miss West as she was stuck inside her house with vampires invading her part of town “how will I ever get to school with a bunch of vampires blocking every exit inside my house!”.

As Miss West thought of a plan trying to block out the scariness outside. She could hear screams of the other town people then the screams were suddenly silenced.

“Pardon” said Freedom nicely “do you know where Miss West is?” I said instead of Benjamin “I think I saw her trapped inside her house on the way to school, but I didn’t know why she wouldn’t just come outside” he replied, “well if something’s wrong, then we better go and find out, let’s get some weapons first!” I said confidently.

We got into the shed and grabbed our favourite weapons stashed in a secret place “same as always” benjy said grabbing a pitchfork as I grabbed binoculars and Freedom had a spoon. We were ready!

“Good thoughts, Good thoughts” Miss West said frighteningly again and again, after a few deep breaths she finally came up with a plan “yes, scare them with toilet water, yes great plan!”

Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing the telephone rang as the fat Mr Zarvar rose tiredly from his bed he grabbed the telephone and noticed that it was the principal of Pt England School he talked to the principal for about two minutes then shut the phone on the phone holder.

“Yes, I am a reliever for today!” Mr Zarvar got dressed so quickly that he was late for school “What, we had to have this, boring reliever” some of room 10 started saying as Mr Zarvar smile slowly faded away.

We walked across the streets carrying binoculars, a pitchfork and a spoon we thought they were great weapons for people who needed help “her house is just around this corner.” Freedom said They turned left and… “i’m going” said benjy “i’ll go with you”said Freedom all they could see was… Vampires!

Miss West dashed across the room to the toilet once she finished her plan she was going to make scary faces with plates to use as a distraction and use the toilet water to throw at them. She filled the buckets with toilet water and stashed them in special places. Once she had done that, she drew lots of ugly faces on the plates.

“get back here guys, we chose to do this, but now we are going to run away” I said to Freedom and Benjy giving them confidence once they came back I held my shoulder on each of them and slung them back “ahhhhhhhhh!” I screamed running for my life.

Five Vampires turned and as the two boys looked back they saw the five vampires ferocious eyes as they chased us all the way back to school, they could smell more blood as one called to the others “Human blood” it said scarily as the three little year 5’s hid under the trailer, petrified.

Room 10 sat there bored as Mr Zarvar marked the roll quietly with his glasses on, some of the students were so bored that they even started snoring especially the girls but the boys were sleep talking, now that got annoying.

Miss West noticed that most of the vampires were floating away in the direction of the school but she still saw two more vampires so she had to scare them she crawled next to the window and held the scary face out, one of them glided to the window as Miss West climbed up the chimney and splat!

The vampire dissolved into the wind as the other vampire saw what had happened and quickly flew off, Miss West could finally drive her way to school but what she didn’t know was that all the vampires had already started invading with the year ones then higher and higher each time.

The vampires had finished with the year 3’s, the vampires glided up the stairway. The children of room 10 peeked out of the window and saw… Death.

As the Vampires rushed through the doors searching for more and more blood Caleb could see one sculling the blood from Mr Moran’s neck as the Principal Mr Burt called out “everyone evacuate the school we are being attacked!” He shouted on the sirens.

Everyone panicking dashing out the doors and windows to the entrances when they saw the entrance they could see two vampires floating at every gate, there was no escape “What will we do” I said frighteningly.

She arrived at the gateway frowning seeing two ragged cloaks and a head she recognized that it might be the children so she walked in like she never saw them. Then “roarrr, I got you” Miss West said as the two vampires turned their heads “Oh no, not you guys again, bye bye” she ran to the car and grabbed toilet water and splat!

She had poured two buckets on each of them, then the other vampires at every entrance. She gave a big sigh of relief as everyone got out of their classes and cheered for Miss West but she felt a little bit sad after what had happened to Mr Moran and a few others, but most people were still alive and that was what she was happy about. “Glad that Mr Zarvar got killed” Josh whispered to Jacob "don't say that!" snapped Jacob while they screamed "hooray!!".

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