Thursday, 11 May 2017

What is that?

I think that this is a shoe or boot without laces, maybe cotton inside the shoe to keep it comfortable inside, it could be the material leather to keep the shoe warm. I also think the materials that it is made out of is carbon fibre because since it is a waterproof and light material it could be used to walk on water.

I think that this shoe product is used for skydiving because when you jump
out of the plane if you're going too fast you  slap both of your legs then parachutes come out of the bottom of the shoes.

This product is a Smartshoe made in 2014. It has a sizable fit so that when you put them on they fit into your size. Also they have heaters on the bottom of the inside part of the shoe letting your feet boil while you're wearing them. It is controlled by your phone. First you need to get the app on your phone to control the shoe!

1 comment:

  1. That's an amazing shoe - do you think you can do up the laces and heat your shoe if your smart phone battery is flat?
    Would you like a pair of these? What features would you like the best?
    Love Mum