Friday, 26 May 2017

Brief Development

We are designing land boats, to help us work together to create and to ride around on the court, just outside our class! We are doing this because this terms topic for this year is about technology. We are also learning about what technology Maori used in the past before the Pakeha arrived.

Technology can be many things, not just phones, ipads, computers, and all sorts of that kind of stuff, technology can also be: shoes, jackets, clothing and loads of other things not just things that have electricity inside them.

Room 10 are also making land boats because when we grow up we can be really good at building or even be an engineer, you could get a very good scholarship to a job or to university!

Before we make the big land boat, you always need to build a prototype. A prototype is a small feature of the big version, they make the prototypes so that they already know what materials there using.

While you’re making the prototype you do not want to use much of the material because then you will not have any left to build the big creation.

There are two different attributes, physical attributes and functional, in the next paragraph I will be talking about physical attributes.

Physical attributes are things that you need to build something. Example: If i’m making a boat I will need a motor, some fuel, and 1 driver’s seat. So Physical attributes are parts that you need to build something.

Functional attributes are when you have the parts but you describe what they’re for. Example: I am making a bike and I need a seat to sit on while i’m cycling. So functional attributes are when you have the parts and you describe what they’re for.

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