Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Horse Riding

Horse riding

Driving to Ti Tree horse trek to go horse riding. It was the holidays of term 1 2017, we had 2 other members with us Haare and Hendrix, their really cool, Hendrix is 5 years old, Haare is 24 years old! This is Hendrix’s first time going horse riding, so he’s Super excited. We also had 1 other member my cousin, Cameryn!

The car trip took about half an hour until we arrived at the mysterious place it was really exciting and fun in the car trip. We were listening to music, chatting to each other and laughing mostly. It was really cool to see how we were all getting along.

“Wow” we all said slowly when we came through the beautiful gates of amazingness! We found a parking space and zoomed right into it, Hendrix ashing out of the door and already scouting the place, it smelt pretty bad but it was alright.

We came a little too early so we decided to have some snacks, my mum pulled up a bag full of Rice Wheel packets and 1 big bag of Doritos! “Delicious!” I shouted, “Yum yum” said Hendrix, “Fantastic” Cameryn called.

Once we had all gulped the food down our throats and into our belly’s, all the kids including myself all dashed to the horses on the side of the road. What we did while we were still there was feed the tall and long grass which was held on the other side of the road. We pulled it with all our strength then fed it to the horse’s.

It also really stank, it smelt so bad that I went back to the space that we were having food and almost threw up! So I gulped a whole lot of water and felt cosy and comfortable so I lay, enjoying the sunsets breeze of nice chilli wind flowing across the landscape. When I heard voices crackling upon my ears, I arose and saw a lady talking to my Mum and Haare as I turned around and saw the others still feeding the horse’s!

When she told us all to come over we all went to the mini cabin where the helmets were all stored “this is your size she said, “could you stand over there where the others are while I do this persons helmet” she commanded to all of us. Once we had all gotten our helmets on my mum took a few photos while we were still inside the cabin!

Here’s some photos below!

IMG_7461.JPG    IMG_7465.JPGIMG_7466.JPG

We went outside and waited near the stool where you get on your horse “could you stand right on this stool while I get your horse” she pointed at Noah “whoa” we all said while Noah got onto the horse and parked it over at the stable his horse’s name was… Boissy, then Haare got onto hers, I can’t remember what her horse’s name was, but it was fat.

Cameryn had a pony, it was named… Breeze, she had the smallest horse, Jordan got onto his it was a medium size, Jordan’s was named… Lucky. Hendrix stood on the stool while the instructor bought over the biggest horse out of all of us but what’s funny is that the horse’s name was… Dennis, but finally, it was my turn “whoa, that’s a big horse”  I said quietly as I got on, my horse’s name was… Prince. My horse was about the same size as Hendrix’s horse, Dennis!

Here’s some photos below!


Once I had got on the instructor told me to wait and let the others pass. When they had all gone Prince started to trot but very slowly, he was a little bit tired after doing all these things before we came, “Whack him in the shoulder, he’ll start to walk faster” the instructor told me. We had a long journey ahead of us.

We went up into the mountains, staying on the track after a while Prince decided to stop “ Why have you stopped, Prince?” I asked, but no reply came to me, after 5 seconds of waiting, Prince was on the track again. While he was marching towards the others I turned my head and what did I see… Poo, “ewww, yuck” I slapped Prince again and followed the others.

It got a little tough trying to handle Prince, especially when turning, now that got annoying. After a while when we got more up into the hills the instructor asked me “ do you want to come with us as we gallop to the rest of the herd?” since we were so far behind “ ahh, no thank you” I replied. They went off as I stayed behind.

When I saw them galloping Prince got attracted to what fun the other horse’s had, so he started to gallop “whoa, slow down boy, slow down” I demanded. As we passed the dark forest the instructor told us “we’re entering the bush people, we’re entering the bush” she got quite funny at times, well as we entered the bush we all had a big steep downhill to ride down “ lie back and feet forward!” the instructor shouted so I lay back, put my legs forward. Once we had travelled past the steep hill in the the bushes I could see… “look a fantail!” shouted Noah as he pointed to where it was.

“I saw it too!” I shouted back looking into the thin tree’s of where it was standing. About five minutes later we were on the track again, we came up another steep hill but it was very small, “we’re here” the instructor said “whoa” look at that view everyone kept saying while I could see the sky tower from where I was, but very small of course.

w e turned around and went back but another way back, when we were on the track turning to the different path the instructor told us “ does anybody want to trot with me?” everyone did except for me and Noah we just stayed behind while the others dashed away trotting fast and faster and faster until they… Stopped!

We both carried on together the whole way back until we came to a halt. Put my horse in the stable, thanked the instructor and already on our way home!

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  1. Wow what an adventure for the school holidays!
    I hope next time, you feel brave enough to try trotting and galloping while you're riding.
    Great pictures and drawing also
    Love Mum