Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Immersion Assembly Template Term 3 2018

Today was the first day of term 3.
All the teachers from different teams presented an item, with everyone's item
they had to show a movie demonstrate what each of the teams were presenting!
Has this ever happened at your school?

The school theme is called ‘Move Ya Body’. I think it’s based on fitness, exercise, nutrition, Hydration,
and all the healthy topics, because at our assembly there was a lot of it, we had to dance 3 times to
Beyonce’s ‘Move Your Body’ song while others danced! I guess that this term is going to be odd just by
the look of it. All the teachers presented basically the same theme which was ‘Stay Healthy & Keep Fit,
well all besides Team 5, Team 5 always has something different to show the school and are way better!

Team 4 was my favorite item because they are very funny and come up with the greatest ideas for
school well that’s what Mr Goodwin says. Team 4’s focus was fitness and hydration but in a fun and
creative way, because if you’ve seen the Team 4 immersion assembly movie you might know what i’m
talking about. Of course they made a movie to go with it. I enjoyed Team 4’s movie because they always
have the best ideas and always make everything fun and that is one of the reasons why like Team 4 and
I know that I am very lucky to be in it!

I would like to learn about gymming because I have always wanted to discover what types of exercising
can do to your body and how much strength you possess once you complete your day at the gym. I also
want to do research on famous people that have done famous things like the person who invented the
first gym class and where it was and what date it was! One of the other reasons is that I actually want to
go to the gym to get stronger and fitter!

I think this term will be not as fun as the other because I am not into fitness and vegetables or hydration
and I don’t think many people are into it as well. I think that this term could probably be near the same
because the topics aren’t so different so I might enjoy this term a little bit, you never know! And by the way
last terms topic was ‘I Like To Move It!’

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