Monday, 29 April 2019

Fairy Tale Introduction - Goldilocks & The Three Bears

Different Introductions to begin a story:
It was a late morning
I awoke once the sun touched my eyes
I yawned as I got out of my bed duvets

It was late morning when the two bears awoke from their deep sleep through the cold night.
They both shivered to drain out the coldness from their body’s and rubbed their fur to flood
their bodies with warmness once again.
As soon as they all stumbled down the stairs, they could smell a light scent that smells
delicious, but then it disappeared in the morning air, they searched for it again, they didn’t
find it, but once the smell came past them again like a current that’s drifts things out to sea.
They were sure of where it was coming from… downstairs!
They both rushed down the stairs and followed the scent to the kitchen where Mama bear
was cooking her delicious porridge recipe and an immense grin appeared on their faces!

1 comment:

  1. Mmmm, that beginning makes me hungry!
    Great piece of writing Toby.
    Do you think there was enough porridge to go around?
    Love Mum