Friday, 30 January 2015

The amazing story of Kelly Tarltons

When I woke up, there was an adventure ahead of us today to Kelly Tarlton's sea life. If you don't know what Kelly Tarlton's is... It's a place where heaps of sea life and fish are. It is underground. Kelly Tarlton's is a place but a name of a man, because Kelly is the one who came up with the ideas. That's why his name is up as the title.

What's happening at Kelly Tarltons today is that my brothers are going snorkelling in the shark cage. Aunty Sammy gave us tickets from Christmas so the older boys can go in the shark cage

I wasn't in the shark cage because I wasn't tall enough. You have be 1.3 metres tall to go.
I played this saw shark game with Levi and we looked around at heaps of places and took photos.
The big wiggly stingrays were my favourite because they can sting you. They looked like an eel slithering in the water!

I saw my Mum, Noah and Jordan snorkelling in the freezing cold water, holding a GoPro and also taking videos.

Next time when I'm old enough, I would want to go in the shark cage.


  1. Hi Toby, How fabulous that you have started using your blog in the holidays - what a star.
    So, Noah went swimming and Jordan went swimming and Mum went swimming.... what about Levi? I reckon he's taller than 1.3m.
    What a shame that you aren't quite tall enough just yet, I look forward to the movie of your turn!
    I hope that you are preparing for a fabulous year in 2015. Year 3 - what a big guy!
    See you at school really really really really soon.
    Miss King

  2. how fabulous toby!