Thursday, 6 July 2017

Pedaia Seminar Term 2 2017

Listening to the sounds of voices being spoken out loud all the year 5 & 6 extension group, all sitting at a table chattering away as I sit bored on my chair staring at my chromebook, hungry tired and relaxed.

“I wanna hear from Toby” Mrs Lagitupu said as I replied saying “ Mine and AJ’s group we chose the Digital creators and designers, we learnt” I started to say when I was interrupted by someone.

After that person spoke I had looked up to the board and saw my name and with 1 tick that meant that every time we speak we get a tick. If you get three ticks that means that you can take three lollies home, yes that’s right lollies, sitting right on a plate in front of me I was dieing to have one!

Mrs Sinclair was writing the ticks on the board while Mrs Lagitupu sat down recording the whole thing! Almost everybody’s name was carved on that board until the turn came to AJ/ Partner & Friend of mine, she asked him the same thing she asked me “ What have you been learning about” “ummmmm” he replied!

While AJ was thinking for a while Mrs Sinclair decided “everyone have a lollie to refresh your brains” I took a Mentos it was really yummy! I felt cold, nervous, scared, frightened, petrified. I was surprised on how many people talked and how much they talked and how well they thought!

I got 3 ticks but Amelia got about 9 or 10 ticks, that’s really hard to get! When we had 1 last chocolate fish on our plate, I could see that AJ’s eyes were focused it daring to eat it when I saw him doing that I said to him ” Are you going to grab that or am I going to grab it for you?” he looked at me now and replied “ I wasn’t looking at it!”.

“I smiled”. I was also surprised of how much Bethan didn’t talk compared to last term, she was shouting away almost every second she would talk so basically you would listen to her for about the whole day!

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