Wednesday, 11 February 2015


When it was the middle of Kapahaka,that the timer told us we had to go to class because it was time to go swimming. If we'd stayed at Kapahaka we wouldn't be going swimming. 

So where was i again? Oh yeah...

I was at the bit when we were getting changed  into our togs in our class, but the girls get changed in the toilets. Anyhoo, I will just skip the walking to the pools.

So here we go again. 

  1. In the pool we did some swimming lessons. Our teacher was Eloween and she taught the group to do back stroke and there are some more but I can't remember them. After all the swimming lessons, when we were in the middle of the pool I saw class 14 sitting on the chairs.when the other groups were getting out, our group was still in the pool, a couple of minutes ago we had to get out of the pool because our class was already lined up so Eloween told us to get out of the pool,cause we were in the middle of the pool we could have a free swim back so off we went to get out of the pool. 

 One time would you like to try swimming?            


  1. I am glad that you remembered something about your swimming lesson from Eloise. I guess that the best part would have been the small free swim that you got to have! Do you think that your swimming is improving?