Friday, 17 July 2015

Toby's amazing story

Ki ora, and hello have you ever been to Mount Ruapehu, well if you haven't you should come along and enjoy the adventure.

Ohakune is a town  where people sometimes live in but most of them live in baches which are holiday houses. We stayed in a cool one, there was a spa and a sweet TV.
The house was also humungous. 

The trip took us 5 hours to get there. It was quite cool in the car since me, Noah and my mum were eating biscuits and listening to the car music. 

When we got there, our family unpacked the car with all our stuff in it. The next morning I woke up and awoke Jordan since the other night we had a deal that whoever wakes up first will have to wake up the other person.

 Together we watched TV, until Noah came along and joined us. But as soon as we finished a TV show named Generator Rex my dad told us to turn the TV off.

When I was finished putting my snowboarding gear on, I had a little play outside until we had to go to the mountain and snowboard down it.                  
Here's a picture of the mountain:

I've been learning S's which you first snowboard down but at the same time you make the letter S all the way down the mountain, on the curves of the S you do heels and toes.

One time you should try snowboarding or skiing?


  1. Hi Toby. The last time I went to Ruapehu - in fact the only time - I wasn't much older than Levi. (So quite recently) heehee.
    I remember it being very very cold and the car ride was not as fun as yours - look at that crazy photo!
    I also have a quick confession to make - I have NEVER been skiing - ever! My parents clearly are not as nice as yours either.
    What a fun way to end the holidays Toby.
    Thank you for sharing your (well written) story and fun photos.

  2. It sounds like you were fully spoilt! I know because I was there:)
    You did sooooooooo well with snowboarding son - I was very proud of your tenacity and hard work... it was fantastic! Love Mum