Friday, 7 August 2015

Harold and Lynn

After morning tea room 13 were lining up outside of Harold and Lynn's caravan, Lynn opened up the door we all came inside and sat down. Lynn talked to us about our feelings, we looked at happy, sad and nervous Pictures Lynn gave room 13 some cards and told us to put them on the wall and I was one of them.

After learning about feelings Lynn was explaining body parts it was fun, what I learned about was that under your stomach is a little and big intestine, how cool is that! But after that, Lynn brought out Harold the giraffe room 13 did a huge shout and at the same time we said hi Harold! I joined in, Lynn was talking to Harold and Harold said to the class that we should have a wriggle jiggle it was kind of long.

After the wiggle jiggle we were still learning about feelings, straight after that Lynn showed us a video of a little boy called billy he was Lynn and Harold's friend it. Was really long but it was quite interesting of what we were learning about but what. I really want to say is thank you Harold and Lynn for teaching us about feelings and other stuff, room 13 would love to learn heaps more, thanks!

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  1. Hey son - love the story and love the picture you drew of Harold. I'm guessing he must be a giraffe - and it sounds like he can talk!
    It's good to be able to communicate your feelings:)
    Love Mum