Tuesday, 6 October 2015

school production 2015

Kia ora my name is Toby. this year in 2015 we had a school production. And it was cool, it was based on cinderella but we said cindy. Cindy In Da House, and that was our school production’s name.

by the time my family and cousins were at our school. We were already dressed in our costumes ready for the production. I was little Prince Charming and Marika was Cindy. I was so nervous about being Prince Charming. so i took 3 deep breaths and then I was ready.

The lights went dark. And then you would be able to see some children. I was one of them. After a while you would hear the crowd going wild, cheering. And then it came, my most nervous part of almost the whole production.

And that was when the bells went. Ding,dong,ding,dong then cindy ran off the stage and she left one of her shoes behind but I did a really funny thing, the parents were laughing hard out.

And so was I, but I didn’t know what to do with the shoe. So I just left it there but the real funny part was that I was poking some crazy faces.

FullSizeRender.jpg At the parents & the kids. There were heaps of other parts in the production. But I only wanted to show one of them. You can see the whole production just buy the disc at pt england school. See you later!

Here is a picture 
of me and Marika at the Production.


  1. You made a wonderful Prince Charming Toby. I am so glad that you had the chance to perform so beautifully.
    I know that Marika was glad you were her Prince.

  2. What a fabulous experience Toby. I am glad you recorded it here on your blog. And thanks for the shout out for buying the dvd :)

    Mrs Burt