Saturday, 23 April 2016


Kicking through the warm water, my legs were struggling and my arms were tired by pushing and pushing, I was almost about to get my last waterproof glow stick. Kicking in the water, I got kicked in the face and closed my eyes a little.

Suddenly the boys were almost at the end, so I quickly grabbed my glow stick and swam as fast as I could to get to the end, “Yay!” I shouted at the end of the pool with three glow sticks in my hand. I love swimming because I can learn new things.


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  1. Hi Toby,
    You're getting really good at swimming and you're right, it's definitely good to learn new skills!
    Did you know that there is a man who free dives down deep into the ocean, holding his breath for 4 and a half minutes? I wonder how many glow sticks he could pick up in one breath?
    Love Mum