Thursday, 30 March 2017

My Narrative Writing

This is a story of man and beast! The fearsome Dragon, and Owen Chase. There once lived a strong, sensitive, and Honorable man named Owen Chase, he was a scientist and with him was his friend, Will Samuel.

“Owen, where are we again?” shouted his sister, Brooklyn
“Well, can’t you see where on the tip of the dessert, starving and thirsty. All we have to eat is little bits of crackers” Owen said in his hungry tone.
“Oh? Well thanks!” Brooklyn shouted.

“We’ve been trailing the water for 24 weeks, and still none in sight” Will said in a loud voice. They came very far from where they had come from.
“Any shelter” Will shouted to the others, tired of walking all day, they all came to a halt and looked around
“Nop, Will” Owen said
“There!” shouted Brooklyn pointing to where she had seen it!

They ran as fast as they could to the mysterious thing,
“What is it?” Will frowned
“Wait, it’s a tunnel!” shouted Owen “Us scientists would use things like these to test things inside!”

“But look at what it has inside” Brooklyn whispered. All they could see was glimmering jewels, gold, diamond, emerald, redstone and
“Water” Owen sighed, they all rushed inside to it, when Owen kneeled down on both feet Will took a glimpse of the water,
“Poison” Will whispered as he frowned but when he looked again he saw a flash of purple over the water, Brooklyn went to take a drink until,
“Stop! Look, that flash of purple, did you see, it’s poison!”.

“Wait, that means that this is, this is” Brooklyn took a deep breath and sighed
“Wait, huh”
“What is it?” Will spoke, Brooklyn looked around and was frightened
“Huh, it’s a temptation realm”
“What” Owen and Will looked back at her,
“ Where in a temptation realm”.

Owen looked back as he saw that the coins, diamond, emerald all the jewelry were moving, Owen frowned and said
“look” the other two stared where he was pointing and were in shock,
“Huh” they were all frightened!

All they could see behind the jewelry was a…
“Dragon” “Run!!” shouted Will and sprinted out using all his power, Will and Owen were out but where was brooklyn,
“ Owen!!” she shouted as the dragon stood up behind her and said
“ Who dares to enter my cave, huh, look at this, marvellous, food!” he said in a passionate deep voice. Will pulled out his bow and had already knocked the bow on the string ready for the arrow to pierce through the dragon.

Brooklyn screamed
“Help me Owen!!” Owen started to cry as the dragon opened it’s mouth and dropped the terrified girl. Will couldn’t resist he aimed for the throat of the dragon and… Ting! It had cut through his throat as the dragon had fallen and let go of Brooklyn, as the dragon’s eyes of fire died down, both the two boys dashed to Brooklyn, once they got there, both looked at Brooklyn, Owen crying and Will thanking himself for taking the shot,
“Thank you” Owen said in a crying voice
“No worries”.

“Let’s get out of here before more trouble enters” Brooklyn said in a quiet and frightened voice.
“Now we’ve learnt our lesson, to be careful for what we do, remember that!” Will said in a passionate voice!

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 4.31.52 pm.png

How this links to the environment!

How this story links to the environment is when they're in the temptation realm, I’m meaning that it’s tempting to pollute and you want to just let go of the thing that your clinching onto in your hand and you just wanna let it go, letting it wander off into where it is sent by the wind!

Remember that!

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  1. Wow! What an amazing detailed story.
    My mouth was watering and I felt thirsty while reading.
    It must have been so hard for the 3 of them not to drink it, even though it was poison- especially if you're THAT thirsty!
    Love Mum