Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Extension Rubric Mark Term 2

My Marks for Term 2 were better than I thought. I got 27 points out of 30, that’s really good. I am feeling amazing because in Term 1 I only got 17 points which is still good it’s just this time I got 10 points more.

What I need to work on is contributing more in the Paideia Seminar, talking more and share more research and be confident to get better. How I got the marks was doing heaps of research, performed well, good drawing, and really good co-operation. Mrs Lagitupu and Mrs Sinclair helped us heaps and our group that we’re working with!

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  1. Hi Toby my name is Brendan i am a student at Wesley primary extension nice points.your work made me think of when other people did this.maybe you could of showed a picture.