Friday, 26 August 2016

Ben Johnson drug Story

                                Ben Johnson drug story

In the 100m sprints final 1988, Ben Johnson the superstar runner for all times in the Olympic games, but Carl Lewis was still a superstar too.
The ref called out and said “ ready, set,” boom!

The cap blasted in the air, the whole world had their eyes on Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis.  Ben Johnson sprinted as fast as he could possibly run but Carl Lewis wasn’t far behind.

His muscles were so massive that he could run so fast that he even won the gold medal.
Then they tested Ben Johnson they did a urine test they said “ wow this guy's been taking lots of drugs".

Once they found out that Ben Johnson was taking drugs, they took the gold medal off Ben Johnson and gave it to Carl Lewis, Carl Lewis was now the real winner.

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The end

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  1. Hi Toby,

    I remember watching that race between those two.
    Very sad choice to take drugs to make you go faster - the athletes are under a lot of pressure though:(
    Always a good reminder to make the right choices, whether anyone is watching you or not.
    Love Mum