Monday, 8 August 2016

Mount Ruapehu Snowboarding Part 1 2016

Mount Ruapehu
Snowboarding 2016

Kia ora my name is Toby and this is a story about an interesting trip to a snow mountain where me and my family went to snowboard.

Race ahead and read
this interesting story!..

As I rose up from my bed, I felt a soft windy breeze fall onto my face. My big brother, Levi, the tallest of our family, had sleepwalked into my comfortable bed.
He had lay straight on my lap and stole my pillow! Me and my cousin, Jonte were laughing very hard - but we realised that he was just pretending.
Levi even hugged me as a teddy bear. It was disgustingly funny! Once Levi had pretended to wake up from all the crazy laughter, Mum finally came into the door to wake up all of the crazy boys.
At that point, I even pretended that I was asleep, but then I got out of bed and went downstairs to have my breakfast.
As I crunched the juice out of my energetic Nutri grain and milk, I was thinking about snowboarding and carving down the snowy breeze on the tight tracks of the

I got changed into a special kind of pants designed to keep you warm. I also had a delicate comfy jacket - it keeps me warm for ages, I even wanted to take it off because it’s too hot to wear a massive jacket like this one.

Anyway, once I had eaten my breakfast all up my stomach was rumbling, it was like pins and needles, ( stomach is full ).
“ Mum i’m full ” I shouted, “ well then go lie on the couch “ she replied in a polite way, so I lay down on the squishy blanket and the bouncy couch, I had snuggled straight in the blanket and rolled myself up in it.

After a while I woke up from the sun glistening in my eyes I had looked and heard that everyone else was getting ready for Snowboarding and Skiing,
So I had quickly gotten up and started
to work my pants off I had worked so hard that in a minute I was finished (because I was ready for the next adventure to the snowy and windy Mountain.

Here is what our bach looks like!        
Thank you for reading this story I hope you enjoyed it!!!

Hey guys, do the dad (it’s really the dab)!

Get ready for Part... Two!

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