Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Conservationist DLO Movie

Through Extension me and the year 5 & 6 Extension group every term have been practicing and taking part in the Paideia Seminar which is a place where we gather in groups and share what we've learnt. This term we were looking at instruments well not all of them were instruments, the first instrument was the Violin, second this is my group the Trumpets, third Piano, and last but not least the Drums group. the exciting part is the lollies on the table which everyone loves, we have a limited amount of lollies so that its three lollies each for each person.

It takes a lot of confidence to master the
Paideia Seminar and luckily I have that confidence. I have participated in every single Paideia Seminar in this entire year. I still remember when Mrs Burt came to our first Paideia Seminar in Term 1!

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  1. Wow team - so much effort went into both researching the information, and presenting it both in a slideshow and movie format.
    If you continue to be great Kaitiaki then I'm sure our little slice of heaven in Pt England will remain for a long time!
    In particular Toby I really enjoyed your detailed and accurate research and animation - well done indeed!
    Love Mum