Friday, 9 June 2017

Animation Voicover

In the beginning when maori were the only people living in NZ, they would have had to make there own fishing technology. They couldn't just buy it, they had to make it. There tech was, fishing hooks made from stone, fishing nets that were weaved from plants and sometimes just string with bait. Some of them would just use their hands but it didn’t really help!

Fishing technology can be fishing rods, fishing hooks, string, all kinds of things boats are what you stand on while your fishing, most people have either tin boats, or speed boats, or a canoe, or waka. Any kind of boat that is unsinkable.

You couldn’t really get as much fish with old fishing tech but now with fishing rods fresh bait and new fishing hooks that look like actual fish! The quantity . There are lots of new fishing tech that know one uses the old fishing tech because the new fishing tech is easier to catch fish!

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