Thursday, 29 June 2017

Back In Da Day Production Recount 2017

The lights darkened as a group of year 5 and 6 students gathered round to pray, then the lights came alive and a girl appeared in the middle of the stage, standing there, about to speak, “Do you ever wonder why kids are always on there electronics” she started to say, that little girl’s name was Pisi and this was how our production began!
There was 15 of us creating a production with the whole school watching. I was one of the main characters, I was the brother of a whole lot of sisters. Everyone watched in the crowd as we played our parts.
Everyone was so frightened that they wanted to go home but I was used to this because i’ve been in a more embarrassing production, “Cindy In Da House”, I was chosen to be a leader of Backdrops, Props and Set Designing!
I frowned as I thought that the children would think that our production was boring but then I saw as especially the juniors were clapping and cheering for us even the parents and teachers were commenting after as we sat down at the edge waiting for everyone to leave but that part hasn't come yet.
What I need to work on later is not to poke this face, is when my eyes are facing up, then my tongue poking out and i’m smiling.
My favourite part was when the backdrop was in the yard and I was running then first thing I do, tripping over a shell with everyone watching. At the end I saw my Mum then running over to her.
She gave me a hug then started commenting of how Mrs Clark said “Toby has amazing backgrounds she told I said goodbye to everyone then me and Mum walked home together!
Photos Below!

Date and time: 2.10pm to 3pm, 27/6/2017

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