Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Flight Of The Bumblebee

In class we had to listen to a piece of music called Flight Of The Bumblebee and draw a picture of what we think when we listen to the song then we had to tell it in a piece of writing!

The Bee has to get some pollen for his colony otherwise he will be grounded. when he sees the flowers the music starts getting louder and faster that means that he is in great danger, "There's a spider guarding the flowers!" he says, the spider spots him then is ready to attack but another enemy spotted him first the wasp colony, a bees worst enemy.

As the music gets faster and louder the wasp colony are chasing the bee around and around but the bee is smart and he quickly zips through the spiders web without the spider know while all the wasps are caught in the spiders web and the bee grabs the pollen and flies safely back to his hive, as the music ends soft!

Flight Of The Bumblebee

Composer: Rimsky Korsakov

Birth: 18 March 1844

Death: 21 June 1908

1844 - 1908

Culture: Russian

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