Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Biscuiting Adventure With My Family

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I could feel the cold wet drops of water dripping on my ears and face, while the soaking water climbs through my togs. I lift a life jacket over my head and ease it down onto my shoulders, and can hear the ‘clicking’ sounds of the straps tightening together. I leaped onto the inflatable biscuit before my Father lifted me onto our new boat. I had never been on our boat before, well not in the water at least.

As soon as I had gotten on, my Dad had already said “alright boys jump on the Biscuit!” My brothers and I had all jumped on right after he had mentioned, ‘Biscuit’. We were all ready to go. At first I was in the middle to keep it balanced, “Ready” Dad said “3-2-1 go!”.

We were bouncing, moving from right to left. It was CRAZY fun but the worst part was keeping your eyes open because the rope was in the water and it was spraying heaps of water at our faces. After a while of bouncing and moving right to left, our Dad did a huge turn trying to shake us off, which he did. He actually shook all of us off, making us taste and swallow disgusting sea salt water!

After a few more turns of FUN, AMAZING and AWESOME Biscuiting,
we sat down and got some food and drink and had a picnic on the boat which was so relaxing. We ate sandwiches, kebabs, pies all that kind of stuff and we had one free Fresh Up drink each. After our picnic Dad took us back to shore and we walked in squishy and slimy mud to get back to our house!


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  1. Hey there Toby, my name is Billy from the Summer Learning Journey programme. It's great to see that you've been blogging and writing over the summer holidays and sharing some of your wonderful adventures with us.

    I have tried biscuiting before, it is so much fun but really difficult to hang on. I know what you mean about that spray in your face, it makes it much more difficult. Sometimes when you fly off and hit the water it feels like concrete!

    Glad to hear you are having an awesome summer!