Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Rubbish Clean Up Reflection

We had a great time today everyone was having so much fun.
Our task was to pick up as much rubbish as we could, it was for a challenge.
Have you ever had a fun time while picking up rubbish?

In the beginning of the experience we all were told that we had to put our shoes on and line up straight
right outside on the porch “Two lines please” Mr Goodwin remarked again from behind my back, “Today
class we are going to clean up our school for a competition” “Whoever wins get’s to be cool for 10
minutes, wink wink!” (that signifies that we get to play on coolmaths - games for 10 minutes) which is
awesome. As soon as he finished his speech we were off to the school reserve where the challenge was
being held and where we organised our groups and group names, our group had 7 people in it there was
Chance, Zamera, Julius, Harlyn, Sonnia, Jacob and of course me! Even though our group was the only
one with a name we called ourselves the Old Maori Warriors.“Three, Two, One” as soon as Mr Goodwin
shouted the numbers he blew his whistle signifying GO! At first I felt bored, but when we started going
ohhhhhh I was pumped! By the look of it our team was doing great just buy the look of it!

During the experience of course we were picking up rubbish but mostly me and my friend Jacob were
pretending to be old men and do fake pukana’s and trying to be funny, which we kinda were! There were
5 stages, the first stage was in a small area on the reserve closest to the school, the second stage was
a bigger part of the reserve but of course you couldn’t go as far as you wanted so Mr Goodwin set
boundary's around the stage we were at and the higher the number of the stage the bigger the boundary!
Throughout the pickup challenge so far I was actually having a blast and picking up loads of rubbish for
my team! The last two stages were the bottom field in our school the top field and once again Mr
Goodwin exclaimed “Three, Two, One Go” while blowing his whistle, I headed straight to the sides of
both the fields, I was even lucky enough to call “Jackpot” (which means I found a lot of rubbish in my
area) as soon as I called jackpot I had at least 15 pieces of rubbish being held in my grasp Mr Goodwin
blew the whistle again to tell everyone to halt and go to him to see the winners! As soon as I heard him I
dashed to Chance who was holding the bag and threw my rubbish in as all my team congratulated me!

Once we were all sitting down it was time to see who won the contest and Miss Haare was the judge.
She checked every bag to see who had the most rubbish, she even checked inside the rubbish bag to
see if we purposely tried to sneak grass or sticks or even jandals, that’s what other teams did but not us
because we didn’t want to get disqualified. As soon as Miss Haare decided who was the winner she
announced 3rd place,  2nd place and 1st place. “3rd place is… Eden’s team, 2nd place is… Freedom’s
team and 1st place is… Toby’s team!” Miss Haare called as my team cheered in happiness. After the
cheering had quietened down Mr Goodwin told us to line up and go back to class to write a recount!

I would recommend this experience to others because it is enjoyable to hang out with friends and fall
over and have lot’s of fun, especially while doing a dirty job! It can be very yucky but I am not joking you
will have a blast doing this activity with others, so yes I would recommend this activity to others. My
main message to all of you is How much fun you can have doing a yucky job because it is with friends.

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